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Welcome to Dark Endeavors, home of Dark Cloud's music, essays and radio commentaries over the past several geologic ages.

(The material on this site is the work of Richard MacLeod, aka Dark Cloud. This record is far from comprehensive, but it represents the material that he had cataloged at the time of his death. We hope to add additional material in the future if any becomes available. This site is intended to be, in part, a tribute to, and legacy of Dark Cloud.)

Dick's music from his performance days in the years 1968 to 1976!

The Drambuies
Listen to The Drambuies and Bear Hug

Dark Endeavors is (generally) a one man consultancy, most often - not always - for issues and/or representation involving the interests expressed on this site. 

The reason all this is here is that I needed to find out what I had written through the years to index and reference it for my own interest and benefit. Making it available to the public (again) was merely a slight additional annoyance based upon the supposition that a quarter century of anyone's written work of this sort might be of interest IF it isn't edited to appeal to current standards. 

The temptation is strong, and I can only say I hope I was drunk when I wrote some of this, and I expect compensatory kudos (hah!) for putting up stuff so clearly wrong. On the other hand, a lot of it stands up by my coldly objective standards.

Searching the Site

To search the entire site, go to Google. In the field type the topic you want like so: "Topic or word" site:www.darkendeavors.com. If you wanted to see how often I'd used the word war, you'd type in this, exactly - war site:www.darkendeavors.com There are glitches as yet unexplainable, but it gets 99% of everything.

NOTE: Current searches may return results for the old site, which is no longer active. These pages are shown in the results just below the clickable title line, and will appear as an address terminating in a file with a .asp extension. The current site uses .html extensions, but with the same file names. If you get a 'file not found' message, simply change the .asp at the end of the address to .html. If that file has been uploaded to the new site it will redirect you to the commentary. Alternately, just go to darkendeavors.com and navigate to the date shown in the search results.


For commentary Podcasts, go to Commentary and download by right-clicking the speaker icon next to the title you want. It isn't broadcast quality. 

If you would like to make a contribution to help keep this site live, please contact us. 100% of your contribution will go to the maintenance and preservation of this site as Dick's legacy.

Please note that any references to Dick's columns, commentaries, blogs, forums or other projects are no longer active. The email address darkcloud@darkendeavors.com is still periodically monitored, but not on a regular basis.