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The Soviets Come Clean

will Boulder let them?

This is Dark Cloud on Monday, January 05, 1987.

Guess who said these sentences this year:

Our enemy sees us clearly. They are not frightened by our nuclear might. They will not start a war. They’re worried about one thing: if democracy develops here, if we succeed, we will win.

Well, of course, you all know it as Gorbachev. Last June 19th, well before the Summit with Reagan, General Secretary Gorbachev gave a speech to about forty Soviet writers, and the New York Times recently got hold of that address. It is, of course, possibly a plant or not true. But no one, not even the Soviet government, has contradicted it.

Imagine that. The Soviet government is convinced the United States will not start a nuclear war. Listening Boulder?

Imagine this: the Soviet leadership now admits it is not democratic, but that democracy is its goal. This runs totally against what the far left has claimed for generations and what the U.S. communist party claims yet. If your time is worth nothing, pick up a copy of the Daily Worker and read the glowing claims of the Soviet Union denied by the Soviet Union.

While it is always refreshing to see the United States' government with egg on its face, it is no less so to see the Soviets start to admit glaring failure. It will be fascinating to note which of Boulder's activists try to pat this into shape. They will ignore it, secure in the knowledge that their particular brand of plantlife only want to see the bad news about the U.S.

There is plenty of that, lord knows, but few of the Left here in Boulder dwell on much else.For example, there has been a certain amount of nyah-nyahs over the ninety Soviets who wished to return to their country. The irony is that only lately have Soviets allowed anyone to return, and very few do. In fact, one third of immigrants to America during the boom years of European immigration returned to the homelands. They couldn’t adapt or couldn't make it but most had truthfully just come to earn money and return home to spend it. It is not hard to understand the pull of home. It is hard to understand hating your country so much that you have to come to America. But we are a nation composed of such people.

What is most interesting about this is the fact that the people who are successes in the Soviet Union are successful here and vice-versa. Many of the home-growns in the United States who feel there is prejudice against them and who emigrated to the USSR, found that their talents remained unappreciated. And they couldn't return.

So it is with glad heart I hear Gorbachev state the obvious and work to rectify they errors. Far and away above any nation, the Soviet Union is blessed with the right man at the right time. If the General Secretary fails, the Union is doomed to obsolescence, there may be only one way to keep the nation together: the common enemy. It is to the U.S.'s benefit to hope he succeeds, contrary to what Gorbachev says in public. He has more in common with us than with his own bureaucracy.