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This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, January 04, 1989.

... still recovering from a world class, letter sweater hangover on January 1, 1989.

Just when you think the Boulder City Council has lost its comedic genius, they unleash another thigh slapper. Just weeks after the Boulder plantlife decided to expand our current Library on the lip of the flood plain - and the Council refused to fight this idiocy, the city now tries to tighten up the regulations regarding construction in the flood way. How they can allow the library to be built and refuse someone from making a housing addition further downstream is as good a giggle as has been provided in a while.

As predicted, the Daily Camera found the library vote the top local story of 1988, casting into doubt the importance of the Rocky Flats shutdown or crime statistics. But of course, the Camera's heroic editorialists came out on the winning side - nature is strange - and never one to shield itself from public adulation, found it horrifically important.

Is it likely that anyone could be aware this is a violent world, that terrorism is violence for its own sake, and that much of this violence against the United States is propelled by Islam's Jim Jones? So can we keep the shocked gasps about the Christmas plane bombing down to sane levels? If you fly today, you run the risk of being a target. For seven years we've known this.

To wallow in shock is hypocritical, but fully in keeping with our nauseating habit of making victims out of our hostages, people who ignored blatant warnings and the dictates of the remotest common sense. American has many strong personality traits, and penchants for hypocrisy and false sentiment take only a modest step back from out taste for over simplification and nonsense masquerading as history.

Both locally and nationally, 1989 is off to a great start.