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Ted Bundy To Die Finally

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, January 18, 1989.

Ted Bundy is going to sizzle next week, and even the most ardent fighter against the death penalty can probably find a small portion of his mind that says good, hope it hurts.

Bundy is a sex killer, and I've screamed about this so many times some of you may not choose to hear more, but here goes. A sex killer is not a mere psychotic who kills to cover up an act of rape. It is a person who cannot achieve sexual gratification without killing. This is so disgusting it takes a while to sink in, but I request you to let it. Imagine someone who cannot digest a meal without killing. Such a monster is not known to exist but sex killers, - only slightly less warped - do, and in frightening abundance. Bundy is but one.

We can, with nary a tear, throw out any hope of curing such a person. Under what circumstances would any parole board - even the most lenient - ever grant leave from prison? And why should society underwrite such a life?

If people would summon the courage to draw a distinction between killers who don't know its wrong and those who have deteriorated to the stage where they need it for physical release, the death penalty debate becomes greatly reduced in intensity. A Manson, a Bundy, or a Jack the Ripper has so far deteriorated that they cannot, probably should not, be considered for rehabilitation. How much cash in a world of finite resources should be spent keeping them caged?

Much like the abortion debate, the death penalty gets lost by enclosing too many issues, many of them not relevant. So here are the relevancies. Ted Bundy deceived women, kidnapped, assaulted, and raped them, bit off body parts and engaged in necrophilia with the corpse. He probably killed between fifty and sixty young women. If you have trouble seeing a distinction between this suave scum, a product of our middle class, and a desperate piece of refuse from our inner city, killing in the course of a robbery, I can. One deserves to die, one may not.

If Bundy dies in agony a few days hence, I can only assure my throat will not constrict and eyes well.