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Bundy Dead

my eyes do not well

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, January 25, 1989.

Hope it hurt, Ted.

It speaks to the inherent stupidity of the Great American Plantlife - and the cynicism, ignorance, and stupidity of American Journalism, so called - that a ridiculous death bed explanation by Ted Bundy is treated seriously.

Bundy, in a clear attempt to delay his death, selectively sought out a California man of the cloth who foams unpleasantly at the thought of pornography. The Rear Reverend Darmon nodded knowingly through the videotaped interview with Bundy as that unequalled con-man played his last game with a losing hand. Bundy blamed his leanings to exposure to violent sexual pornography and intoned against it in a series of cautionary asides to America's youth. People are remarkably dumb. Ted Bundy is forty-eight, which means we are to believe that an abundant supply of violent sexual pornography was common enough in the early 1950's to forge his views. Considering his rural and middle class background, the scenario seems pretty far fetched.

Second, it negated the aspect of sexual killers, which is that they cannot achieve orgasm without murder. Dwell on that again, and explain how such a thing emerges from the air brush fantasies of men's one-handed journalism. It serves the agenda of the Gender Nazis and the far right yo-yo's to keep the various sexual urges under wraps, but if the first amendment means anything, they can't do it.

Far more perverts have murdered under the influence of the Bible, das Kapital, and various moronic nationalistic slogans than have ever murdered after noting the slightly perverse offerings of skin mags. If the correlation between men viewing naked women and murder is made, think how, and where, a syllogistic application leads.

Whatever dark drives fueled Bundy, we have to, sooner or later, acknowledge that such impulses like buried deep within us all, and that not so long ago, the orgiastic ceremonies of religion, war, and harvest spurred human sacrifice all around bloodshed. This was true of every society. The study of human history is to peer at ceremonies contrived to allow the exercise of physical drives.