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The Sugarloaf Fire

False sentiment over prevention every time

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, July 12, 1989.

I hope we have learned something from the Sugarloaf fire, but I suspect not. When Yellowstone was aflame last year, some tried, yet again, to draw attention to the acres and acres of trees killed by bud worm, beetle, and age up and down Boulder. Canyon, and it was predicted that this utter bomb would be a horror when it finally reached flash point. The prediction was utterly correct, and now we have people out a home.

What will be done? Let's guess. Benefits will be held for the insured and uninsured alike, environmentalists will dither over the merits of the fire, tax money will be spent on some course of pander or other and..... that's it. At no time will anyone suggest fire lanes, at least, be cut through the dense and dead trees on either side of the canyon. At no time will we be willing to make an effort to prevent another, worse, more deadly holocaust.

Instead, our eyes well and throats constrict over fully insured, quarter million dollar homes and the corpses of two charred goats. And we'll light the fuse for the next fire, on that rain won't smother, that'll affect flooding and winter safety, and probably kill people next. It’s so American. False sentiment over prevention every time.