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The Iraqi War Looms

war lust even in the anti-war activists

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, January 09, 1991.

Whatever the outcome of Baker and Azia's cosy today, it seems inevitable that the United States will be waging war within a week. First, because the decision was made to send troops, and it would be very difficult to pull out without some scalps nailed to the mast. Second, you cannot leave primitives like the Iraqis in control of the field. Even if Iraq pulls out, the United States could not allow the Iraqi Army to exist, for nothing would prevent Hussein from riding back in once we leave. Ergo, he has to go.

Six days more. Even if Iraq wanted to surrender Kuwait, it could not, in only six days, move out.

Third, of course, Hussein wants to fight the United States, even a little. Nothing would enhance his prestige more than to be the first Arab state in two hundred years to fire upon us, not counting the street gangs kidnapping the unarmed.

So I advise us to brace ourselves.

It is amusing to hear the heroic antiwar demonstrators gunning up. This morning, for example, a gentleman on this station proudly declared that the largest anti-war movement since the First World War was at the ready. Its hard to say who has the more chest pounding braggarts: the warriors or the anti-warriors, but nonetheless, the lust for confrontation is not limited to the hawks and the emotional satisfaction of waging these conflicts is palpable in the voices.