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Amendment Two Detonates

A Foolish Amendment Damages Both Sides

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, December 15, 1993.

As in the cas with most Supreme court rulings, the overturning of Amendment 2 is a legal claymore. It effectively disembowelled the underpinnings of both litigants: the state and the plaintiffs, a consortium of gay rights and activist groups that, as usual, have no idea what just happened, yet their histrionics are as silly as ever.

For one, the bigots in shellacked hair from Colorado Springs were handed a sound defeat because the court ruled that gays were people and not subject to discrimination. But the gay agenda was quashed as well, because the court also ruled that gays were not a social class to be protected, and therefore not a legal entity like races or genders. This the not the solid ground upon which build a case for gay marriage and family rights, health insurance and benefits.

In the short run the court reflected pretty well the average view of the whole thing, which is that the gay rights issue should just go away, and that the victimization of everyone is ringing weakly these days. It is not a cause of celebration. The supposed financial losses to the state due to the boycott have been grossly exaggerated. Ski areas, for example, had a record year and the period of the boycott did better than the corresponding dates in the year previous. All the hubbub has done is force people to form an opinion on something they would prefer not to have. As a political movement, gay rights is a dismal, intractable failure. It has made itself silly and justified the views of bigots who have always portrayed gay women as dykey stevedores and gay men as hysterical, lisping disturbed adolescents by allowing those who meet the those criteria to throw public temper tantrums. It has offended genuinely persecuted groups like blacks and Jews by comparing their plights, which are worlds apart. And it seemingly has no idea how the public views it, believes its own propaganda, and doesn't seem aware of its often ridiculous self-satire.

In short, the legal, not public, renunciation of Amendment Two is probably the worst thing that could happen to gay rights. They do not understand it, and they assume the public doesn't either. A dangerous error.