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5th A Vacuum Filled With Vacuity
Boulder has a Society Column
12th Penis
penis, penis, penis.......
19th The Piano
See it, love it, become part of it
26th The Last Virgin Festival
Tonja Harding, Nancy Kerrigan, and the Olympic Ideal


2nd Arise. Arise Medgar Evers
a real trial
9th Give War a Chance?
The Yugoslav horror may only be solved by a battlefield resolution
16th A Silly Business All Around
Backdrops: Live or Computer Generated? And what difference does it make?
23rd A Mole in the Firm
the CIA was breached, and James Jesus Angleton Knew It!! So........what?


2nd Warner
The Music Store
9th Is the Tie Too Busy?
serial killers are different in kind: fry them
16th Playing God
.....or not
23rd The Academy Awards.........and Korea
so hard to
30th My Friend The Nazi
I've known worse anti-Semites


6th Mr. Justice Blackmun
the mouse that roared
13th Real War, Real Life
NATO makes a decision and screws up; Kurt Cobain doesn't
20th Tricky Dick
a reflection
27th Mr. Yeltzin
drunk or sober, I like him, drunk or sober


4th South Africa Reborn
Mandela's Greatest Test
11th Texas Slams the Male Wasp Losers
....who are being made to pay
18th In Distant Recollection
childhood is always there, somewhere
25th Jackie
Dick Nixon overshadowed again


1st For You, Colonel Dreyfus, As Much as Anyone
European anti-Semitism, long a cover for church and Catholic incompetence and venal desires, came to a head with Al Dreyfus long before Hitler and wasn't avenged till D-Day
15th Kicking the Drunken, Prostrate Equine
Edward R. Murrow is victim of the trends he derided, and CBS wallows in shameful revisionism
22nd OJ
The Trial of Century? Bwraaaaaaaaaaaat!
29th Shinano Redux
Japan has always been a paper tiger, both militarily and economically


6th A Superb Hail Mary Summation, But It Ain't Over Till It's Over and They Put Their Pants On One....
oh, shut it, will you?
13th Laying Down Lives for....... THAT???
dying for a sprained ankle
20th Ecologic Regurgitant
what is what isn't being recycled? we need to know before voting on this
27th Another Modest Proposal
keeping natural America real


10th On the Election
Danish out by four, Operation Rescue Slimes On
17th James Dean and Hillary? Don't Know. Wasn't There
The election fallout
24th Books and Remembrance
does anyone recall the kid on the tracks?
31st Violence Can Be Good
Haiti, Cairo, and Ireland show signs of civilization


7th I'm Sick; Feel Sorry for Me
I mean it, feel sorry for me
15th Air Horror
up from civilized Kansas
21st The Haitian Conundrum
Jimmy Carter
28th Haiti in Turmoil


5th An Unusual Event
A Manslaughter of a child in a foreign land does not result in diplomatic issue

12th After the Rush
not understanding the appeal of Limbaugh doesn't bode well for Aaron Harber