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Real War, Real Life

NATO makes a decision and screws up; Kurt Cobain doesn't

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, April 13, 1994.

A stunning example of real war was delivered to the Bosnian Serbs Monday. A lot of threat and bluster, followed by two planes dropping four bombs. Of the four bombs, one stuck to the plane. Of the three that fell, two failed to show any signs of life and one exploded, allegedly on target. Supposedly, our crack twenty year old Marine maintenance teams in Italy are investigating, though its just possible that the people responsible for the gas waste of delivering fifteen hundred pounds of inert material to the scenic wonders of Bosnia may not be trusted to pull the act together. Making the correct, time honored response, the unpronounceable head of the Bosnian Serbs threatened to shoot down the planes, no doubt with Soviet missiles that generally explode on ignition but can, knowing the exact course of long range level bombers, score one hit out of every thirty that get airborne. The chances of them scoring hits on weaving, small, fighter bombers is about the equal of the fighter bombers scoring hits on obscure clumps of men, which is what NATO threatened to do. Wonderful.

After the bluster and stupidity, the danger begins. While NATO is quite capable of firing missiles at stationary targets worth less than the delivery system and achieving less than 100% results, while at the same time putting their aircraft in danger from the rain of falling missiles than ran out of fuel, they will prefer to do things cheaper and more impressively by carpet bombing or, worse, using fuel air explosives that are truly terrifying. It is so that NATO can indeed send so much against the child raping Serbians that people will be deaf in Budapest, but its hard to see what good it will do.

The real horror of the Serbian War is that in the end, it might be best for the world to let the Serbs polish off their opposition. Because if it ends with no resolution, the killings will go on for centuries, and all the deaths that ensue will be more than the ones now, with a surrender. And then, of course, we won't have to worry about a pouty Russia - cranky, and run by alcoholics with nuclear weapons - who considers itself the protectors of the Serbs. Lovely choice, why does it sound familiar, somehow?

It has been a wonderful week for racists of every stripe. In another great surge of civilization, Rwanda becomes a test case for reinstated colonialism. Is it racist superiority that appalls the western world over psychotic warriors macheteing each other and women and children to death in the thousands for no reason other than tribal affiliation? Or is it justifiable disgust and nausea? Or does it hold a candle to very white Bosnia, where soldiers are ordered to rape and impregnate any female not of their tribe they haven't killed. And in the Orient, impotent men feel their problem is best served by the obliteration of whole species of pachyderm and jungle cat so they can become virile by eating their bones.

Let's see, any other race with stunning overachievers this week. Inuit? Aleuts? Hmmm.

And institutional entertainment sucked dry another fragile soul this week. Kurt Cobain, who probably told the truth about his emotional state from beginning to end, blew his head off with a shotgun. It amazes me how he can be surrounded by people who stand to profit from his death, surrounded by alleged fans who love him etc., and he can come to this. There is something sick about the way America kills its heroes. It is bloodsucking risen high. The Great American Plantlife, regardless of generation, demands that its heroes provide us with emotional satisfaction, create theme songs for every period of life, act in precisely the way we would if we had the guts or the talent, and when they sink into textbook accordance with depression and suicidal behavior, they are deserted.

And then the cliches begin, "we couldn't help him, it was predestined, etc. etc." Really. I wonder. Of course, we'll never know because nobody tried. And isn't it amazing that the ones closest to these people are the ones who profit from the early death. It is a disgusting business sometimes.