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Texas Slams the Male Wasp Losers

....who are being made to pay

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, May 11, 1994.

Operation Rescue and Rescue America, the moronic consortium of anti-abortionists, has been hammered yet again by courts. They have been ordered to pay for damages to abortion clinics during their fun-packed exhibitions of generally pasty white male stupidity. They are refusing to pay the $1million punitive damages that a Texas court levelled at them. They'd rather go to jail, and they will, then pay a penny to those who profit from abortion. Now chatting about Operation Rescue is about as enjoyable for me as, say, it would be for Noah Adams doing a seven hour interview with Richard Simmons, on - oh, I don't know - Barbra Streisand, but for utterly different reasons.

I'm 46 years old. I am white, wasp, and a recipient of all which is implied by that and I am way pro-choice. I do, however, object to abortion being a form of birth control, object to people saying it's clear life begins at the breach of an infant's head into air, and object to the use of abortion as a way to tweak the establishment. That said, all of it is better than bringing one unwanted, unloved, unaffordable child into this world. Still, I am always uncomfortable with the equalization of a woman's body rights with birth. I know it isn't fair, and I do agree I shouldn't have the final word on it, but it still makes me uneasy.

Birth control is the issue, and if the Christian yahoos ever start pushing that instead of stapling their wrists to the head and whining about the fetuses on their posters - which appear about seven years old - they may make some headway with the hoi polloi. Me for instance.

I used to resist the implication made by feminists, then viewed as extreme feminists, that the abortion issue was one of male power over women, and that it was one of forced subservience to keep them incapacitated from competing with men for jobs and status. I always felt that was a little forced, but the more I witness dubious white males of flexible status shrieking in hysteria and fear as public opinion and court opinion flexes against them, the more I realize the feminists were not only correct but dead on; so dead on, I'm embarrassed I didn’t embrace it from the beginning.

The marginalization of the far right is both encouraging and dangerous, for the far dexters are never more ominous than with their back to the wall. When the head of Right to Life bemoans the judgment against his organization and evokes Jesus to stiffen his spine for prison, the hair on the back of my neck bristles. With nothing left to lose, the prototype losers without a life have little to forego with the toss of a bomb or two. Like the anarchists of the early part of this century, the anti-abortion extremists have long since severed connections between thought and logic.

On the more comforting side, most of these people are cowards, showing up for protest only in safe cities where the police and the crowds aren't likely to converge upon them physically with clubs. They pick places in safely white Boulder or Kansas. When the Right to Life shows up at an abortion center in south central LA, then we'll worry about the survivors.