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On the Election

Danish out by four, Operation Rescue Slimes On

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, August 10, 1994.

A depressing turnout for the preliminary election yesterday, about 17% of the eligible voters participated in the election. Scary, as this is ripe territory for well organized, mostly right-wing political groups to get their way come November, since they are composed mostly of bitter stay at homes with plenty of time to fit voting in on any given day.

This is one of the problems with democracy: the people will deserve what they get because they don’t think the process is important enough until a Presidential election. For all the complaints about Congress and government in general, most people don’t think it important enough to weed out the yahoo candidates in the prelims. Otherwise, how do you explain a Bruce Benson as a candidate for anything, a man in comparison with whom Dan Quayle looks distinguished? How do you explain a genuine gem like Paul Danish losing to a cookie cutter wonk who has never knowingly uttered an interesting or spontaneous statement without a committee analysis? Whatever one thinks of Danish and his association with Soldier of Fortune Magazine, you will find nobody who finds it difficult to locate his values or his honesty. My grandfather, who I never knew, is said to have once described a friend’s honesty in public as follows: “He has no statement on that. He’s having dinner with Diogenes, who pawned his lantern and is buying.” I disagree with Danish on several issues and still prefer him to a waffling wonk pandering to whatever group sits before him and sounds like the Democratic Party creation he is. I wish luck to Mr. Danish, who lost by four votes, in the recount.

Meanwhile, since I was enjoying the mental health facilities of the City of Boulder last week, there have been exciting developments on the national abortion front. Flush from their heroic shooting of a crippled doctor at a Pensacola abortion center last year, the right wing Heroes of Christ summoned up the courage to shoot three seventy-year old abortion providers in the head, killing two. As I, and others, have pointed out, the dedication and unbending heroism of Operation Rescue mutants would be enhanced if they ever get up the courage to surround a clinic in, oh I don’t know, Harlem or South Central LA where there is actual danger to them instead of - let's see top of my head - Boulder where the most likely risk they run is being pan-handled before being ushered off to a jail superior to many of my recent apartments. How come they only find opportunity to shoot cripples and the ancient? This is where movements betray themselves, when they cannot distinguish themselves from simple, violent bullies. Nobody believes Serbian atrocity contentions while they rape and impregnate ten year old children. Nobody believes Haitian claims of sovereignty while unarmed people are machetied in the street. And nobody believes Operation Rescue when, somehow, the legions of abortion providers who are likely to fight back in kind remain unscathed.

Prediction? Wait till it occurs to these thugs that drive by shootings are not limited to black gangs or drug deals. See how many heroes show up to block those clinics then. Disgusting, hypocritical cowards.