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Violence Can Be Good

Haiti, Cairo, and Ireland show signs of civilization

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, August 31, 1994.

A lot going on this week.

Egypt is hosting the United Nations world wide meeting on Population Growth. It’s about a quarter century late, but it is a start, and a gutsy one. It is hard to say these days who is the more dunderheaded reactionary: the ignorant, moronic Islamic male chauvinists; the Catholic, all-male, supposedly celibate reactionary forces in the Curia; or the right-wing, moronic Protestant splinter groups appalled that women might be less than subservient. It is the sort of meeting that one would expect in , oh, Boulder, where everyone is essentially in agreement and in support. Instead, the UN is sitting in the jaws of the dragon, having the meeting in Cairo. Far right religious groups have threatened to kill and hurt all foreigners, and these religious groups are almost all related to the far right political groups of the same name, Hamas and all of those. These are all the residue of Iran, whose cultural, political, and civilized peak was achieved under Xerxes, and who demands to be treated as an equal in world affairs.

John Paul II, who when blessing sheep is a kind, lovely old man of great character and dignity, has been carrying on a rant of profound stupidity of late, shrieking from the Vatican Balcony about destitute western values, by which he means sex and birth control, and how they are contaminating the world. It is most instructive to reflect that it is the destitute western nations that financially support the Vatican as the number of Catholics declines. The poor third world, where the number of Catholics is exploding, is a drain on the Vatican, which means the people who oppose Vatican goals financially support them.

And, it looks like Haiti will finally get the benefit of an invasion, by which I know of no irony. Whatever an invasion will cost, it is nothing compared to what the refugee situation will cost. Finally, the United States will strike a blow for decency by invading, arresting , and forcing those malignant thugs to stand trial among their own people. Haiti is potentially the garden spot of the Caribbean, based upon weather, location, and its intrinsic beauty. It should be one of the richest. That it is not is indeed a residue of slavery, the French attitude, its exclusion from the English influence, and incredible bad luck. The past can not be paid for, but here is a people the world, specifically the US, owes big time. The very least we can do is make sure they are not financially raped by the MRE, morally repugnant elite, and have a better than even chance of not being shot by a drunken police of psychotics. Go Marines! This is a violent act that everyone can support, if they think about it, and from which nothing bad will emerge.

And the sick joke of political movements, the genuinely pathetic Irish Republican Army, finally slides into civilization and declares a cease fire. The children under five, the old men in walkers, the housewives at the wrong place, all of these who normally could expect to be blown to smithereens by some of the IRA's more courageous and borderline competent physical assaults, can rest easier tonight. And the Protestant equivalents, the Orangemen, will have to keep their equally dim and sadistic thugs under tight leash now, which must be a relief to their normal victims, innocent men walking into their house at night mistakenly shot or kneecapped for looking sort of like the supposed IRA’s actual target.

Listening to the Irish blowhards announce their decision puts one in mind of a major army disbanding, all this talk about units being instructed, etc. etc. What malarkey. The IRA has been essentially a major European Drug Cartel for years, and all the fighting it does mostly are just turf wars with other gangs or with its own units. The romantic “Risin of the Moon” IRA died by WW2, when Ireland could not distinguish between Hitler and Churchill, and only in the minds of Celtic novelists has it been a political or philosophical group worthy of the name. Really, what has the IRA ever done? Issue press releases, periodically assassinate some old man like Lord Mountbatten, and more usually blow themselves up while drunkenly making bombs. Imagine the original Sons of Liberty becoming the Mafia and you have a good analogy to the infamous, ridiculous, degenerate IRA. Cease fire to them, surrender to me. Good.