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The Haitian Conundrum

Jimmy Carter

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, September 21, 1994.

Among all the criticism of the Haitian invasion, one salient aspect has been overlooked. The United States will get all its troops, equipment, tanks, and planes in place with the assistance of the thugs they will disarm. Contrary to the image being forced upon us that the invasion is acquiescence to the Haitian dictators, the Haitian military has just allowed a very large and ill disguised Trojan horse inside. At the moment the Americans are ready, perhaps today, the order will be given: Drop the weapons, bucko. There will be no place to run, hide, or diddle around for time. In this regard, the invasion has been an absolute success.

What has not been a success is the deterioration of James Earl Carter into a delirium of self congratulations. Carter, who has had no more appreciative fan than me, now has it that he himself is more important than the office of the Presidency, and that he can snub and manipulate the foreign policy of the U.S. at his own desire. There is a rumor that Carter has been working for the Nobel Peace Prize openly since 1980 when he left the Presidency, and the Haitian fiasco seems to indicate this. Do not be surprised to see Carter’s passport revoked at some point, and be a Democratic President. You cannot have two policies being forced at the same time. This is not to say that Carter may not have the smoother hand, but it is an irrelevant one if it conflicts with the policy of the United States. Talking about the honor of Cedras is not only a revolting conception, it betrays a believing mind. Raul Cedras has no honor, beyond a juvenile conception of macho.

And the problem of Aristide remains. This refugee from the mind processes of the Jesuits, having spent fifteen years bathing in Marxist eddies, seems about as removed from reality as is possible to get. Buddy, you’ve just been given your nation back. No, there is no burning desire for the bloodshed you want to remove your enemies; they are, after all, your enemies. So stop whining about a three week delay in Cedras leaving. He is now leaving for sure. It will be most interesting if this individual keeps his promise and does not run for the presidency again in 1995 or if he pulls a switch on us and becomes another dictator for life. Either way, at least the Haitian elite, the French-speaking light skinned racist trash that has ruled the island for centuries, can in fact give up their way of life. I doubt it. There is a lot of blood to be spilled in Haiti yet, and no doubt it will come from the upper classes that empowered the various military thugs over the years. No long delayed desire of nature is more desperately needed.