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Haiti in Turmoil


This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, September 28, 1994.

As predicted, Haiti’s rulers now have an army of occupation on their front lawn which they deceived themselves they could work with. No greater evidence exists of their hallucinatory assessment of their current situation than the fact they apparently believed this. When their thugs threatened a mob outside a police station, ten of them were killed by soldiers not wanting to find out if the police guns were loaded. And my reaction is: good! And I hope it hurt before they died.

Is that awful? I don’t think so. Every reporter from every country has been unanimous in their revulsion with the rulers of Haiti and most especially with their attaches. Only the Bosnian Serbs come close to the Haitian ideal of an armed mob given free rein and the backing of government authority. Under the noses of the first American troopers, attaches - Haitian Brownshirts - took machetes to unarmed civilians and beat upon the people for no clear reason than that their honor had been ruffled. There are elements in the Haitian military who seem to think that the US will rearm them with tanks and guns when they leave. This is a sick society by any standard.

Today, the Haitian Parliament meets. Cedras and his psychotic wife and their combine of lovers and bodyguards do not seem to be aware that the freely elected Parliament, fluffed out with all the exiles now returned, can vote them over for trial regardless of what America wishes, although this is very much what America wishes. They are meeting to decide amnesty for the current coup leaders, but just wait. There is nothing to prevent them from demanding trials. And their is nothing that Cedras can do if that happens. Like all bullies, the attaches are not about to get hurt fighting for one of their own if there is no upside for them. With 15,000 American soldiers on the ground, there is nothing they can do about any of it.

Of interest is the role of Voodoo, of whose practitioners Cedras’ wife is notably prominent. Surely the curses are being evoked and surely nothing is happening. At what point will the power of the dark forces be exposed as the fraud they are to the ignorant and pliable masses? It will be soon, and concurrent with the return of the Catholic priest Aristide. I am not a supporter of religious thought, but surely this mind-set deserves a shot to the groin, a philosophy that has enslaved an entire nation to prolonged slavery and poverty. This is not just nation building, this is an attempt to revive the self esteem of an entire people, to alert them to their power and responsibilities. This is something doable, believe it or not, and nothing that American policy should shirk from. Haiti is the best thing the United States has done in this hemisphere in the last 50 years, and should be a source of cautionary pride for us. This is a case of good and bad, this a clear case of evil and numbing poverty and an oligarchic gene pool clearly in need of fluoridation. I did not know until this week that peasants in Haiti sometimes cross the border to the Dominican Republic to steal topsoil. That is poor, and yet the other half of the island is, despite its own horrors and problems, about four times as prosperous.

So I say now, in anticipation of the coming bloodshed, good. And I suggest that any American deaths in this endeavor are utterly noble and valuable as such things go. This is not fighting for oil, or against communism, or for some sordid if hidden corporate America goal. This is a good war. And the upside is that if we allow Haiti in the next few years to rise to the level of neighbor Dominican Republic, the Haitians will be erecting a statue to William Clinton and Colin Powell.

And that Carter guy.