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8th Not Fair for Everyone? Not Fair for Anyone.
Republican Cretins Lob the Unintended Softball Towards Slathering Democrats
15th Racist Twaddle Down for the Count
'racial' characteristics of no scientific import
25th Letter From the Boulder Jail
a friend of circumstance in the vortex, going down.....down


1st On an Ash Wednesday
25%? More Likely 100!
8th Boulder's Job Market
Why yes, I AM a convicted felon!
15th The Ides
22nd And now: Therapy
And - forgive me - why, again?
29th You Are Sooooo OUT OF HEAH!
The Baseball Strike and A Metaphor Alert


5th Rolla Reider, Rowla Rider
We Mourn One of Our Own, Me More Than Most
19th Klondike and Snow
Insulin Now!
26th Forging the Image Templates for Oklahoma
the Media flunks big time


3rd What's Right is Right
A Felon Views the Constabulary
10th Flood Scare
Boulder's Inevitable Flood and Its Promoters and Deniers
17th At the Dying of the Music
it used to drive me batty, waiting for a point yet to come, but my God how I mourn its loss
24th Chung, Rather, the NRA, and Phil Graham
the ultimate conversation killer
31st Louisville Becomes a Social Climber
Family Values in Movies, as in Music, Make for Crappy Art


7th NPR Under the Gun
elitist, snobby, condescending and annoying, NPR - under attack by the Republicans - is still the best thing on the air
14th Somewhat Less Than As Presented
can't say I'd scarf down any insects either
21st Not-For-Profit My Ass
NFP's are a hypocritical, money laundering scam and need overhaul in the worst way
28th Apollo 13
A Brief Touch With History......I think


5th The Endangered Gerrymander
the Supreme Court takes a tentative step towards rationality in voting districts
12th The Very Different Peace with Vietnam
Clinton is lambasted but Nixon was praised
19th OJ's Defense Seems Porous
The Trial of the Century is somewhat less than that
26th The Fiftieth
nuclear weapons at the half century mark


2nd The Smoking Lamp Is Doused
Boulder votes out the smoking of tobacco in public buildings
9th Our Romance With Gangs
Neither Capulets and Montagues nor Hatfields and McCoys, most crime gangs are composed of complete idiots
16th Garcia and Mantle
so very different, and yet.......
23rd Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa!
not a valid confession without receipt of sin
30th The City by the Bay Shows the Homeless on Their Way
who owns the city parks? taxpayers or citizenry


13th Colin Powell and The Republicans
Memo to the General: You Ain't One

20th Can't Build It, Can't Smoke It ....God, I Love Boulder
The City Council is The Hammer again


8th Electoral Reflections
a ban on public nicotine consumption