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Not Fair for Everyone? Not Fair for Anyone.

Republican Cretins Lob the Unintended Softball Towards Slathering Democrats

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, February 08, 1995.

Probably no indication of the pettiness of the new Republican majority exists than in the surge of foolish and ludicrous legislation in the Colorado legislature. Now, a thrill of renewal repression is filtering through the ranks as a bill allowing innkeepers to deny registration to non-married couples if it interferes with the innkeeper’s religious beliefs. This has passed the state House. What a moronic effort.

At first, it seems acceptable that a person should be able to do business with whomever he or she chooses. But, by the same token, look at the precedent this sets. If you allow some narrow lipped, narrow-minded bigot to refuse registration to, say, a gay couple or even a pair of different gender siblings traveling on the cheap, and if this is acceptable because of religious beliefs, than shouldn’t this be expanded? Bankers should be able to refuse loans to people of religious beliefs or of a race of which they do not approve, and this for religious reasons. And, if religious, why not social?

There is little legal difference between someone seeking a room and someone seeking a loan. On one hand, it would be nice to see certain types of people having to provide proof of marital status and the name of their companions to venders of services, whether inn keepers, movie houses, convention centers, or restaurants. Nowhere would it spell political disaster to a greater degree than among Republican high rollers. One the other hand, it would be sad to see people exposed as the cynical hypocrites they are, all too often. Such a law could saved Jimmy Swagger, perhaps.

Its hard to call this an innocuous bill, since its being given wide play in the press but, typically, for absurd reasons. Supposedly, we just are to be concerned because of implications for the gay community. But it is so much more, this testing of the waters by the conservative element. Always, we should keep before us the credo if it’s not fair for everyone; it’s not fair for anyone. And if you going to be open for business, it is, almost be definition, open to everyone willing to pay, and restrictions beyond that ought to be illegal, as it currently is.