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Racist Twaddle Down for the Count

'racial' characteristics of no scientific import

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, February 15, 1995.

I don’t know if any of you noticed, but the fundamental basis for racist thought, racial superiority, has been blown out of the water and flattened the Bell Curve at the same time. In a book, The History and Geography of Human Genes, a Stanford University Professor and his colleagues completed a sixteen year study of the world’s human genetic pool. Its results are astounding, considering the history and institutionalized stupidity now blown away. There is now, in scientific black and white, “ no scientific basis” - none - for the assumption on of one race’s superiority over another.

The difference between individuals is far vaster, genetically speaking, than between the color-coded distinctions we call race. And race, it so happens, is almost a useless category. For example, the blacks of sub-Saharan Africa and the superficially almost identical aborigines of Australia not only are not closely related, they have the most genetically distant relationship of all the world’s people. Which is to say, the most racist lout of the KKK is more closely related to either than they are to each other.

Far worse for racists, the supposedly superior white Europeans are clearly and unassailably shown to be composed of 65% African and 35% Oriental genes. And, we all came from Africa - it’s there guys, in the blood, and it cannot be denied any longer.

Further, it seems that the chants of liberals and their rose speckled glasses, is absolutely correct. The skin tones, nasal configuration and eye shapes are due to climate and the quirks of the breeding pool. There are no brain distinctions of note. None.

Also, it turns out that the Basques, who live in the Pyrenees between Spain and France, are quite likely a separate people, the lineal descendents of the Cro-Magnons.

There have been many exciting and important revelations in recent years, the collapse of communism, the rise of ignorant religions, the exploration of space and medical advances, but I would be hard put not to feel that this book and conclusions is the most important.

Imagine. The science of race does not exist. Slavery, holocaust, conquest, genocide can never again be excused by assumptions of superiority, by anyone. Yet this item receives only perfunctory coverage in the media. Amazing - yes- but not as important as the OJ file or even the Auschwitz commemoration. You heard of anything as important?