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Louisville Becomes a Social Climber

Family Values in Movies, as in Music, Make for Crappy Art

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, May 31, 1995.

Louisville, our social climbing neighbor, has decided to open a twelve-plex theater, and they seriously are basing some hefty economic figures around it. Louisville is also the home of Up with People, or maybe it’s Broomfield, but real close by. The connection here is that Up with People was a 1960’s answer to the concerns of parents with Bob Dylan, early family values as it were, while today the family values debate hovers around movies.

A well dressed movie producer recently has been seen on the tube bemoaning the poor showing the public has made at her movie about a pig, Gordy. “Was I wrong starting a company devoted to family pictures?” she wailed. Yeah , lady, you were! The problems of hypocrisy are manifest. Prominent people have been assuring us for years that we want family pictures if only Hollywood made them. Hollywood makes some good ones and they bomb. What does that tell you?

The public is hypocritical, for one thing. Family movies are great for other people but we’re too hip, you see. The economics of canting hypocrisy are punishing. Southland, which owns 7-11, made a big deal years back of refusing to sell Playboy and Penthouse yet whole magazines devoted to lingerie and swimwear - nearly as lascivious, far more hypocritical - compose most of their magazine racks. The Disney corporation, long famous for family products, long ago started Touchstone and Hollywood movie corporations, and they cheerfully turn out R rated movies, many of which will be seen at the new Louisville twelve-plex at Hell’s Plaza.

And Up With People, that sanctimonious feel good horror of anti-talents, has announced sizeable cut backs in its budget. For years it posed as a viable concern, but really it was just a sort of organization some companies felt compelled to employ rather than compete with actual musicians and entertainers.

Ironic that as a Republican era dawns, its edges crack, the hypocrisy visible, the denouement seen.

Well, good!