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3rd Admiral Burke Disembarks
lucky, competent, and there
10th I'll Say It's a Scandal; She's Ugly
Clinton under attack for extra women in his life
17th Shakespeare in the Colonies
a new poem adds......um.....fuel to the er........Oh, who cares? Is it any good?
24th Above All
The Superb Fails to Impress
31st Crazy as a Tape Worm Eying Kate Moss
What's Their Excuse?


7th Sight Reading The Locals
a job reading for the blind calls attention to defective writing by the sighted
14th Love Is All Around
so get bent, will ya?
21st Oh, gee, I don't know, how about Denver?
Another coldly objective decision from the federal bench
28th Cuba Again
Another bad opera in the Florida Straits


6th Life Without Texas and Kansas
if the Constitution had had a mandatory Balanced Budget clause or amendment
13th The Freemen of Montana
and by the way, they're the reason we have a government
20th China Sputters Forth
and the sheep are nervous....


16th Under the Banner of Dole
the Republicans unleash the dogs that whore


1st The Bronco Bill
not a penny for schools, empty the treasury for Pat Bowlen
15th The Value of Labor
well, except MINE
22nd Chicken Teriyaki AGAIN?? The Inhumanity....the Horror.....
'Jail Overcrowding' needs some clarification


5th It's the Law!
unless you threaten to sue, or something.....
19th Hardly a Who Done It
fifty black churches gone? round up the usual suspects
26th Amid Loss, A Proposal for the Betterment of Our Species
at the death of idiots, nature applauds; so should we


9th Militia Membership: Clear Stigmata of WASP Rot
I suppose being a male Amway salesman is worse......
10th Time Thieves
to your surprise, so might you
21st Republican Zanies and the Democratic Convention
that either have survived is amazing
24th How Flying Saucers Became UFOs
and why they should not have...


7th Hot Weather Whines
freshen this for me, will ya?
28th Sound Byte Misfires for the Doles
criticism of the left would be more telling if speakers hadn't benefitted from the left's legacies


4th Politics of Virtue
Time Enshrines......what again?
11th Nutty Nuptuals
Government Shouldn't Involve Itself With Romance
18th Ross, It's Not Because We Don't Like You.......
it's because you're an idiot
25th Crime Statistics
Frat Boys Aren't Included


2nd A Tunnel in Jerusalem
A Well Access Mentioned in the Bible Threatens War
9th Bob Dole Faces The Drug War
Let the Dialogue Begin
16th Hail Soccer Mom!
you are soooo God like...
23rd Hunters From Indiana
and in other news....
30th In This Corner, The Catholic Church, Representing the Enlightenment, and in this corner......
how did THIS happen?


6th The Election of 96
20th The Titanic in Truth
adventures are the stigmata of incompetence


18th Rehobeth by Memory
holiday conflations? Eh....Merry Christmas