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I'll Say It's a Scandal; She's Ugly

Clinton under attack for extra women in his life

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, January 10, 1996.

Whitewater and Paula Jones seem to be the horrors that won’t let the Clintons alone. Under the noble brow of New York Senator D’Amato - a noted paragon of virtue - the hearings into Whitewater have entered a new phase. A famously reluctant White House either just found or just released files that contradict Hillary Clinton’s sworn statements - well, sort of. And this possible morass has been surveyed by former Nixon lap dog William Safire, who has waited for years to try and explain Watergate in terms of a Democrat scandal. Safire’s column of earlier this week, printed today in our Daily Camera, accuses the First Lady of being a congenital liar, which not surprisingly annoyed the President.

What is the scandal here? There isn’t one if there is no cover-up. I would contend that it is nothing more than a vague sense of shame and scandal that small town urchins from Arkansas would just as soon not be reviewed by the big-time swindlers and cheats of New York and Washington. I mean, really. Would people in Boulder really enjoy a national inquiry into the background of its prominent citizens? Guess nobody on the Boulder City Council ever profited by association in some odd construction deals or land bids? And if that person, elevated to state or national office, ever came under the gun, wouldn’t there be an effort to conceal. I mean, can you imagine the Daily Camera taking the lead in an investigation involving a person who could do them damage? Still, that’s all there is, and if the First Lady’s memory is incorrect, so be it. I would be more suspicious if everyone’s memory was exact on details of events ten years in the past.

Regarding Clinton’s bimbo, if true it certainly is embarrassing. I thought he had better taste in women. True or not, in today’s litigious society, a President can be sued endlessly in such matters, especially for violating peoples’ civil rights. It is also true that this suit, based on an event years in the past, never crossed judge’s desk until Clinton was elected.