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China Sputters Forth

and the sheep are nervous....

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, March 20, 1996.

It is hard to remember now, but there was a time when Taiwan was China, and sat on the United Nations Security Council. China was then called Red China, and it had no nuclear bombs, just the odd “device”. Taiwan was a joke then, a sputtering island of corrupt Kuomintang officials furious their fascist stupidity had cost them a loss to the communists. Taiwan became the by-word for cheap junk exported to the rest of the world while morons in the US kept screaming “Unleash Chang Kai Chek” as if that historical incompetent could re-take the mainland. It is a bizarre episode of history.

Now China is waiting for the last of the original communist leaders to die, and in a fit of emotion is making a show of force against Taiwan, which it regards as a lost province, an attitude never popular with either the original Taiwanese or the more recent immigrants, the defeated Kuomintang. Missile test zones have pointedly been close to Taiwan. Given the accuracy of the famously lousy Scud missiles and its Chinese variants, the possibility of a genuine surprise attack makes this unnerving. China, set to take over Hong Kong from England, is in an ethical crisis. It can no longer excuse its communism as the wave of the future, and has to absorb the thriving Hong Kong without killing that economic lion. And it has a bigger threat from former joke Taiwan, which not only is an economic power itself, but edging eerily towards Democracy.

Nothing can better illustrate the decline of communism from world religion to senile dementia than the recent actions of Cuba and China. When you can no longer fight a better idea, use force. This is DC.