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Militia Membership: Clear Stigmata of WASP Rot

I suppose being a male Amway salesman is worse......

This is Dark Cloud on Tuesday, July 09, 1996.

In Arizona, another goober militia group, self-described as the Viper Militia, was broken up and arrested by authorities unaware of their existence until a lone hunter came across the Vipers during war games, and reported them. The authorities were duly impressed with the weaponry involved, moved in and apparently made a clean sweep.

There seem to be two main types that join militias, and they are not necessarily the ones you might think. The first is the frustrated, incompetent male with delusions of importance whose sole yardstick for order and security were found during his years in the military, where he may or may not have been above average in general competence. The second are those even father down the chain of being, who are at such loose ends that even those second rate by the standards of hookers seem like pillars of intestinal fortitude and strength. Into the second group fall the women and children and those who will eventually turn the guys in.

Note no mention of the Constitution, or legal beefs. I don’t think there are any. To listen to the conceptual thinking of these people, in what little we have heard, the listener begins to wish for the closely reasoned, finely flensed thoughts of Alphonse D’Amato, or the Unabomber.

My reasoning behind all this is listening to the people I’ve spent the last twenty months in jail and half-way house. If white, their attraction to a small cell of people with seeming purpose is high, although a family would serve the same attraction, provided the father is not an adult, rarely the case hereabouts. In fact, the one thing that has struck me here is the people who are attracted to militias are the sort who become an instant Avalanche fan, despite their ignorance of hockey. What they saw was an exclusively white man’s sport - big plus - and they seemed to be winning. The militias seem to be all white and they have guns. That is the sum and substance of their attraction. The ocean of intellectual heft behind the militia movement would not dampen a Kleenex.

As the qualities of what constitutes an alpha male in our species continues to change, those left behind adjust poorly. That’s all this is, but no less dangerous for that, an attempt to win back primacy from attorneys, accountants, and tax collectors.