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This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, August 07, 1996.

Yes, they still have not arrested Richard Jewell, the pudgy mall cop who I and many others declared guilty of planting the Atlanta bomb. Yes, it will be horrid if he turns out not to be involved. But I still think he did it and there’s no point arguing until the police act. A clue: he refused to give a voice sample. The police are moving methodically, an eerie sight.

Robert Dole, who has been promising the real Bob Dole, finally has biodegraded as a candidate. Caving in to Ralph Reed and the Screechin' Christians, Dole has forced a floor fight at the San Diego convention when the GOP, a swirling heap of current hypocrisy, will undergo a revealing display from which it will and cannot revive. Abortion, which is the cover story for birth control, population explosions, and patriarchy, touches on every important social issue in government, and now that the GOP has announced there will be no tolerance of pro-choice sentiment, a position opposite of the nation’s, the GOP has lost all credibility with realists.

It is a sad contrast to see a major US party make such a lousy decision on its own. A woman pregnant with twins suddenly discovered she only could afford one and asked one child is aborted. Apparently, British medicine agreed and aborted one twin. This is about as reprehensible as it gets, and shows us that the worst case scenarios of the pro-life fanatics do, occasionally, occur. People on both sides of this issue are often selfish and foolish and horrid. It is still best to recall that if people were skilled or even conversant about simple pregnancy control, abortion as a major concern would vanish into the mists of medical minutiae.