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how did THIS happen?

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, October 30, 1996.

The Pope, recently recovering from an appendectomy in his late youth, reinforced a long held tenet of the Catholic Church. It was one that surprised many people, me included. John-Paul underlined the official position that evolution is more than a theory, that there is a no conflict with the Bible and, most important, the Bible is poetry and literature dealing with big truths and man and his history with God. It is not literal. Creationism is not taught as a science in Catholic schools.

This is against type, and prejudice. As the xenophobic literalists of far right, Protestant Christianity try to usurp public schooling, a genuine paradox might emerge. For American children to get a genuine education in the humanities and science, they might have to attend Catholic schools. The public schools run by the Bible and Goober belt, will be reciting prayer, pledging allegiance, reading from McGuffies, and dropping their student’s intelligence to a level not seen since the Stone Age. It will be the nuns who are the apex of learning. Nothing will happen this Halloween, this election, in our projected life that could be scarier.

Bear in mind that the church is not carrying the banner for scientific scholarship. They only go so far as to admit that evolution has risen to the level where the church says it is more that just a theory and doesn’t threaten spiritual matters. That this is more than one hears from Protestant militants who sue to remove biologic evolution from schoolbooks and have it officially considered just a theory is the horror. When the Catholic Church becomes a bastion of liberal learning by the standards of the United States, we have a major problem.

Couldn’t happen? Courts today react with less than courage when confronted with martial Christianity. It is only a matter of time before one succumbs, and some small school district celebrates the elevation of Creationism out of the depths to the level of science. If it happens once, expect a rush of litigation to mandate prayer, acknowledge Christianity as the official religion, and the whole shabang.