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1st When I Was Little, Television Ceased at Ten O'Clock!
Yes, Life was tough back then.......
8th Sarge, I'm Stressed. Can We Go Home Now?
since you asked nicely......
15th Time, Newsweek, and JonBenét Ramsey
Time has always been stranger than it knew
22nd It's An English Sentence
Why is English the most popular language? It's a slut.
29th The Media's Motivation: ABC and Food Lion and The First Amendment
the heroic war to protect the public and its right to know........what, exactly?


5th An Election
Is a Seat on the Boulder City Council worth a $40k investment? Apparently. We need to ask: Why?
12th Double Jeopardy Round
O. J. Simpson may yet so shame law enforcement competence that good may come of it all.........or something
19th Corruption in the Mexican Military? They'll Be Sex in Advertising Next!
of course, the American military is above all that...........
26th The Pod People Gingerly Approach
Genetic Cloning Kits


5th Gun Control
never touch a man there
12th Hale Bopp
a comet in the sky
19th Fries With That, Mr. McVeigh?
we still need to hear the why for Waco and Ruby Ridge
26th Comet Calves
Spring mornings in Colorado


2nd A Trial of the Century
Opening Day Humiliation for Promoters
9th One of Our Planes
let's see if the brains that assured us they can find and hit enemy missiles in space flight can find it
16th Remedial Lapine
how do they do it? how do they chew and sit at the same time?
23rd The Shining Path To Nowhere
Memo to War Minister: There is No Play Time in War, Bozos
30th Victims' Rights
are those unloved unprotected by the law?


7th The Freakin' FAGS Did It!
Or Women. It could have been a woman.......
21st Art and Machine
a machine is the chess King by beating a lesser machine
28th The Marshall Plan
Spare Dean Acheson a Moment Today; Just a Moment


4th A Verdict, A Visit, and a Honey of a Problem
McVeigh is toast, our city manager is out with, no doubt, his police chief, and the Dalai Lama calms the waves
11th The Flood's A'Coming
And a City Manager's A'Goin'........
18th The Paper Boys are Bigger
and the beggars have corporate backing
25th Jacques Cousteau
bracing for the revisionism and perhaps, eventually, the truth about a secretive man


2nd I Am Summoned To Jury Duty
sleep tight tonight, our judicial system will
9th Roswell at Fifty
celebration of an interplanetary traffic accident.....or something
16th Vince Foster
Revenge of the Psychotic Nerds
23rd Aye, Haul Her Splendid Ensign Up
The U.S.S. Constitution - oldest commissioned ship in the United States Navy - takes to sea again
30th The Flood in Ft. Collins
oh yeah? wait'll you see what happens when Boulder gets its very own wall of water......sooner than later


6th Lilly
Welcome to the Little Patoot. Please Forgive Us.
13th Labor Loses Again
Taking on UPS was a stupid move to no obvious short or long term benefit
20th Running Like the Wind
why is a charismatic leader of a running club given a bye by Boulder media?
27th Mice
the worst roommates


3rd Lady and the Trash
why, precisely, was this woman famous?
10th On the Lady Diana Spencer
for a moment, I cared
17th SIDS Bites the Dust
Sudden Infant Death is probably just Sudden Parental Murder Frenzy


1st El Niño: A Scientific Inquiry
Stay with me, here......
8th The Death Penalty
what does society want to achieve by any of its punishments?
15th John Denver
this alien actually was from Roswell...
22nd Epitaphs for Thought
Letters to the Editor
29th The Golden Calf Award for Religious Hypocrites
but I repeat myself.....


5th A Death In Boston
the au pair trial is a coven of crappy people on both sides
12th Road Rage
Be the First of Your Block to Fall Victim to The Newest, Coolest, Syndrome and Pay Us Large Sums to Be Cured...Eventually
19th Sir Paul Exposes the Poseurs
Classical Music, on the Dole, Tries to Still Be Snobbish
26th God Be Praised! The McCauheys Have Seven!!
Christ on a cracker, what's the matter with people? This is far worse than Kevorkian.


3rd IFCP in Full Fury
Yes, it's the Internet's fault your child sacrifices goats to Satan in the backyard
10th Industrial Ecology Is Controlled From Mississippi
Trent Lott's interests stop at his border
17th Washington, Mandela, and a Glance at the Good Guys
Never hurts, can't do it too often
24th On the Occasion of Ms. Chase's Death
A Holiday Tradition Here in Boulder
31st Titanic.....Again
Each movie version reflects its time's values