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5th The End of The Millennium - Sort Of
In a Note Just Handed Me
12th The Chilean Le Pew
Pinochet Biodegrades Satisfactorily
19th South Carolina: America's Colon
The Treason State's Olde Guard Sinks Lower Yet
26th A Look Ahead
ARGH! The Iowa Caucuses Are Here! ARGH!


2nd Special Bulletin: We Have No Idea What We're Talking About
Truth in Journalism
9th Two Movies
The Green Mile and Magnolia
16th Bush In Descent
South Carolina, the Treason State, May Be His Political High Water Mark
23rd Puck It
Hockey, the Poor Man's Boxing


1st Police
As the Military Becomes More Police-like, the Police Hunger for Military Equipment, Action, and Glory
8th Quitting: The Other Defeat
I Have No Idea What They Are Talking About
15th Journalism In the Hands of Ms. WaWa
Barbara Walters At the Helm, Then and Now
22nd One of the Good Ones
In Ethiopia, the AAEL Makes a Long Lasting Difference
29th Jesus! He Means It......
Pope John Paul at The Wailing Wall


5th Elian Deserves a Better Family
What a Buncha of Nitwits in Miami
12th An International Crisis of The First Water
My Family Has a Leaky Roof
19th Culture Wars
Equivalency - The Stigmata of Meaning Well Feebly
26th When Idiots Cry
The Miami Cubans Hit Bottom and Keep Going


3rd How Stupid Is Too Stupid?
Psychologists Scamper to Create A Syndrome
10th Computer Viruses
I Get More Than Youuuuuuuuuu Do, I Get More Than Youuuuuuuuuu Do
17th The Art Center Reverts to Type
Officially on the Dole
24th Pope Awarded Medal, Oak Leaf Clusters
Republicans Try to Suck Up the Catholic Vote
31st Dead Outlaws
Jesse James Is Exhumed


7th Turn OFF Your Lights!
Perhaps The Stupidest Idea, Ever
14th The Education Hoax
Let's Pretend
21st As Your Guardian, I Demand That You Sit
Both ends of the leash change roles.......
28th The Green Party
Oh, please, it's The New Left Again......


5th A Perfect Storm
A Perfect Drunk, Perhaps
12th Isa Lei
The Fiji Love Song
19th Cell Phones Kill You With Radiation!
If Only It Were True
26th A Fire Behaviorist?
A Profiler of Elements


2nd Intellectual Property and Its Recombinant Taxes
Makes No Sense, But I'm The First to Say That
9th Lieberman's Cross
Anti-Semitism in the Second Millennium
16th The Kursk Incident
Kursk Sinks, and Russia Dies In Its Own Incompetence
23rd Needed: Updated Glossaries of Terminology
Clones, Cells, and Clarification
30th Owie
Nuts and Riots


6th Republican War Heroes
All Hail!
13th Where Was Nader When the Firestone's Blew?
The Least Qualified Presidential Candidate Since Lyndon LaRouche
20th Living In the Shadow of The Beetle
Fire in the Ruins
27th The Devolving of Commercial Radio
Dee-Jay Moronics


4th Genuine Grief at the Passing of A Canadian Giant
Trudeau's Competence and Cross Party Respect Underlines the Smallness of His Southern Peers
11th Sex Keeps You Young or Looking Young Gets You Sex?
Sex Is Good? NO! And England Agrees.......
18th Who Profits When Key Professions Are Underpaid?
Well, Duhhhhh.......
25th Won't Somebody Think of Our Property Values????!!!
Children....I mean the Children. Won't Somebody think of the Children Is What We Meant.......


1st The Great DA Debate 8th It's Over.....Sort Of
A Working Script
15th Lord.....
Imagine If This Happened In 1968?
22nd A Date To Remember
The Florida Supreme Court Weighs In
29th As Suzanna's Grandfather
A Role I Enjoyed


6th Google
Knowing Isn't Always the Best Option
13th George Dubya Bush for God's Sake
20th Leonard Peltier
Oppressed by the System Or Betrayed by His Friends?
27th A Closing Note
The True Millennium, and Parting Shots