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Bush In Descent

South Carolina, the Treason State, May Be His Political High Water Mark

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, February 16, 2000.

For those of you who read The Boulder Lout, the poor man's Drudge Report, the insane woman's 12-step, the incontinent parrot's toilet accessory, you will recall that I - me, that's spelled M, E - predicted last Spring that George Dubya Bush would biodegrade in such a fiery crash that it would erase in memory Hale-Bopp. It is happening. The man has spent about fifty million of the eighty million he supposedly raised and thus far he just won an utterly pointless and rigged caucus in Iowa. He lost big time in New Hampshire and it does not look good in South Carolina.

I never thought Bush or McCain were remotely qualified to be President, for different reasons, but McCain is doing us all a favor by blowing a large hole in both the fat cat Republican gas balloon of Governor Bush and at the same time scaring the far religious right because he doesn't and never has needed them. Listening to these guys debate was about as humiliating an aural experience as a slap fight in high school. Who was the better man, who had sunk deeper in the slime of push polls and lies? Who was more wishy-washy about the flag of treason flying from government buildings? Whose daughter would be consigned to a coat hanger and plane ticket to Panama if she became pregnant? Inspiring, all of it. Bush comes across as petty, pouty, childish, and disingenuous, looking very much the boy compared to he-man McCain, the Audie Murphy of the new century. In a state of posturing he-men and military wanna-be's, I don't think it flies, and I bet Bush loses in South Carolina. When that happens, wait for Trent Lott, a slime in a confederacy of mold, to suddenly see the light and dump Dubya as one of a series of humiliating defections from the Governor of a state where that is a weak office. The national Republican Party will biodegrade this year, I am thinking, and the far right will be shown the door to form a new organization that will welcome both David Duke and Pat Buchanan. Long overdue, and they will have Bill Clinton to thank for it. As ridiculous as Allan Keyes is, he is by far the best speaker and most articulate man running in either party. I agree with him on virtually nothing, yet I have to admit he has a certain and actual charisma. People who dislike his positions, who clearly see his inability to be a political President, nonetheless sit and listen when he talks. You don't do that with Gore or Bush or even McCain. They cannot speak in long sentences; they cannot speak extemporaneously worth a damn, and with the exception of Gore they cannot debate for a sustained period. Keyes, apparently, can, and his presence between the two last night humiliated them both. He sounded far and away the smartest animal up there, which does not bode well for either of the candidates, whoever wins.

Think about this if Bush loses this week in South Carolina. The man who has raised the most money in history will have wasted it all, and proven that money does not buy the Presidency, given as an opponent a street-smart knife fighter like McCain, whose family has, for three generations, lived in the socialistic society of the American military. Even if he squeaks by, Bush will have depleted Republican coffers for the actual campaign this summer, and will be resented and probably blamed for the Democratic victory over a highly vulnerable McCain or a severely weakened and exposed Bush. It will demonstrate conclusively that the current Republican Party bequeathed by Gingrich, regardless of its canting ethical hypocrisy, despite the fact that it has way more money than the opposition, despite the fact it was given a loaded gun and a Democratic President who held it to his own temple, despite the fact it has a majority in both houses of Congress, this Republican Party represents the least competent, most irresponsible, and most foolish assemblage to ever lacerate this government in history. Think about that. Even if you agree with all their points, you have to admit they are - given every weapon in the book - too stupid to win, much less rule. Gore will have an easy victory in November. He won't have won it, the Republicans will have lost it, again. The new Lout is out soon. Schedule your life around it. This is Dark Cloud, see you next week.