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A Closing Note

The True Millennium, and Parting Shots

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, December 27, 2000.

I hope you all recall what you were doing LAST year at this time: we were all frozen with fear about Y2k and the shutdown of the world as we know it. Remember? Apparently not, because the anger is not there and it should be. I told you I'd remind you.

Don't forget it. Don't forget the furrowed brow assurances of self described experts about impending catastrophe. Please recall them now and remember them. They will be back; they always are. They ought no more be able to get away with it than those types who prey upon old folks by offering to repair roofs for a song, provided its sung before work begins, which after the last note, never does. This, as it happens, is actually the end of the Millennium, not last year. It is not two thousand years since the alleged birth of Christ, that was in 1996 because of calendar screw ups by the nitwit employed by Pope Gregory. There is no way, under our current system, to date anything between 1 BC and 1 AD, sucking two years from history and causing many events to be dated two years after they happened. Unbelievable, eh? Then we forgot how to count to 10. Bozos all.

And this is the last year of a Democratic Administration. Now, the Republicans control all three branches of government. I'd be only somewhat less upset if the Democrats controlled all three. Please recall how you are doing as we speak and let's check again in four years. Then access what role you played in the long national nightmare that begins next month, with a war against abortion right, a war for mandatory Christian schooling, a war for re-establishing the social hypocrisies that lead to dead lives and the oppression of women, the baseless elevation of men, and iron gated social classes based not on even a hint of competence but on inherited wealth as tax free as possible, all under the guise of saving the family farm. The family farm, by the by, is also surrounded by myths but they are useful to the powers that now be, if not winners of the popular vote. Let's recall that Democracy demands that we are ever involved, and not wait until the election springs upon us with, to our minds, bogus candidates. Those bogus candidates gathered support in the interim, as should the people you want in office. Don't wait for the next election. Get to work now. The world is under no obligation to provide you with acceptable candidates.

So Happy New Year. You will be very fortunate if the loved ones around you now are all there next year at this time. There is always a hand to reach for and hold for a while. Remember that. Their absence will hurt, so enjoy them now. You may have to turn off the television, radio, or Play Station to do it, but try. It's the only thing ever said by a Bush that I agree with: in later life, you will never regret not spending more time at work or play, you will only regret not spending more time with those unavailable to you now.

This is Dark Cloud.