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3rd A New Year
Crossroads Mall's Inexplicable Fascination
10th Dropkicking the Blind
Others' Lives Are Risked For Pointless Record
17th God's Army
Htoo Brothers Captured. God Issues Plausible Denial
24th More Tales of Heroic Parents
Courts Choose Between Folks Unqualified to Own Pet Rocks
31st Religious Charity
Treason and Support for Religion


7th Pacifica, My Pacifica
Life Among the Ruins
14th Pardon Me
Presidential Pardons Ought To Be For Exceptional Cases Only
21st The Greenville Incident
Like the Titanic, the Fault is the Captain's
28th AFCP
Hypocrisy Breeds Weird Bedfellows


7th Enter The Taliban
Return of the Hun
14th The Public Airways of Colorado
Public Television Needs to Die
21st The Divine Mr. G.
Weird Worship of Nebish Central
28th The Ascension of St. Lori
The Left Reviews Its Martyr Template


4th A Chinese Puzzle
Bizarre Collision Doesn't Look Good For Anyone
11th The Columbine Horror Expands
What a Revolting Development This Is
18th The Most Craven Generation
Scientific Attitude Missing in My Age Group
25th The Dark Cloud Dicta Redux
Crappy Parents Enabled by Media Support System


2nd Two American Myths
What We Believe('d)
9th A Fire to Feed
A Pope Too Good For His Church
16th Polygamy
Yeah, But Is It Worse?
23rd The Great Switcheroo
A Senator Changes Party as The Con Continues
30th Pearl Harbor
Fraud and Myth at the Arrival of a Lousy Movie


6th Patsy, Jenna, and the Temple of Doom
Bush's House of Glass
13th McVeigh: Heroic Martyr to...What Again??? Dark Cloud Commentary audio
The Intellectual Fraudulence of A Murderer
20th The Agents aren't Special and the Shooters ain't Sharp Dark Cloud Commentary audio
Earth to FBI: You're Smug, Ignorant, and Incompetent
27th Steve and Nigel and Jane and Goliath Dark Cloud Commentary audio
"It's a documentary, you see...."


4th Ain't We Some? Dark Cloud Commentary audio
11th Reflections on A Duel Dark Cloud Commentary audio
Burr and Hamilton's Day at Court by Other Means
18th Happy, Happy Stem-Cell, Baaaby!
Slippery Slope Is The Blackest of Diamonds
25th We Interrupt this Summer Day... Dark Cloud Commentary audio
The Andrea Doria


1st Term Limits Dark Cloud Commentary audio
No Tenure for The Competent? Or Process Through the Mediocrities?
8th Saved by Heather Dark Cloud Commentary audio
Benefit for Who?
15th Mimi and The War Shrine Dark Cloud Commentary audio
A Gentle Soul and Japanese Memory Holes
22nd "And do You, Archbishop Milingo, take this woman....."Dark Cloud Commentary audio
The Moonie Priest Defies The Vatican
29th Your Idiocy Will Receive Long Overdue Recognition Today......... Dark Cloud Commentary audio
Astrology for Dummies! No, wait......Dummies for......


5th The Shadow of Rehoboam Dark Cloud Commentary audio
Religion Still Shouldn't Get the Car Keys
12th From Hell, Mr. Bush Dark Cloud Commentary audio
Well, here it is.
19th This week on Wanted: Dead of Alive! Return of the Old Man! Dark Cloud Commentary audio
'Josh Randall is hired by the U.S. Government to travel to Afghanistan and.......'
26th "I See New York Firemen Going Up....Someone Going Down."Dark Cloud Commentary audio
Loss of Innocence? Hello?


3rd Yes, But What Have You Done Lately? Dark Cloud Commentary audio
What IS a Terrorist?
10th Culture Wars Dark Cloud Commentary audio
Equivalency - The Stigmata of Meaning Well Feebly
17th Future Terrors Dark Cloud Commentary audio
Anthrax Ain't It
24th Fear is Good Dark Cloud Commentary audio
"Gee, I wonder if he thinks we're terrorists?"
31st Coincidence and Plausibility Dark Cloud Commentary audio
Halloween Actually Is a Scary Day


7th Pseudo Patriots Dark Cloud Commentary audio
Boulder's Head Librarian Faces Down the Mob
14th Have Some Madeira, My Dears? It's simply like Paradise here......... Dark Cloud Commentary audio
Different in the Particulars Only
21st Regret: The Other Time Treat Dark Cloud Commentary audio
Hyperbole and Retrospection
28th No Cover, Fourteen Drink Minimum Dark Cloud Commentary audio
"I Felta Thigh, We Be True to Thee....."


5th The Lord of the Rings
I Hit People Who Label It As Wizard and Dragon Fantasy
12th Cultural Hegemony Dark Cloud Commentary audio
Primitive Cultures Bite, Starting With the Greek System
19th In the Matter of Gracie Elizabeth... Dark Cloud Commentary audio
And Welcome
26th Perfect! Dark Cloud Commentary audio
Like, The Impending Meaninglessness of Words, Or Whatever