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More Tales of Heroic Parents

Courts Choose Between Folks Unqualified to Own Pet Rocks

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, January 24, 2001.

We have another adoption horror. A British couple thought they had successfully adopted American twins over the Internet. They did this through an adoption broker, a lady who has a spokesman deal with the press. The broker says she has done nothing wrong, legally, and she may be right. That needs to change. The problem is that the British couple had the children swiped from them by British authorities, in whose care they currently remain, and have discovered that the tabloid media, who they thought were friends, had turned on them. The reason the British authorities swiped the children is that an American couple claim they had adopted the twins until the biological mother took them back and gave them to the Brits in another state, where adoption laws are more lax. The Brits returned to Wales with their cargo. The American birth mother wants them back, suddenly, but a Missouri court has given the biological father custody. Follow that?

Let's trace this to the essence. An American mother essentially sold her children through an adoption broker - Does that term confuse you? There are still hundred and fifty year old broadsides for slave brokers if you need visualization assistance - and she completed the deal. She did so over the Internet. What was that site? E-Babe? BabyfortheBuck.com? When more money was offered, they transferred their monetary affections to the British couple. Now that the whole sordid mess hit the fan, the birth mother suddenly discovers her inner Harriet Nelson, the birth father suddenly discovers he has a role to play, the broker hits the road - she'd been paid - and both sets of adoptive parents are livid. All of them are making themselves available to selected media outlets. For money, perhaps. Do you think?

You know, this is why capital punishment has a future with me. With the exception of the twins, and maybe the first adoptive parents, the whole lot of them ought to be used for projectile analysis by the Army. Scum, all of them. Really, what sort of people advertise humans or purchase humans over the Internet? What sort of people make their living doing this? What sort of people renege on one such scurrilous transaction for a better deal? And what sort of biological parents would only now pretend to a sort of civilized attitude and that they have responsibilities. The sort, apparently, who feel that they can make money off the twins. Books about their personal heartbreak, don't you know......

This is the other side of the abortion debate. Everybody wants to be a hero and save babies; it makes you feel good about yourself. But to save them for financial profit, to save them for an environment with adults using them for cash or so stupid they didn't know British tabloid journalists might exploit them, this is an example of why the whole debate needs to be re-focussed: not on abortion or adoption but on birth control. You have no right to bring children into the world without the desire for them, the ability to support them, the willingness to devote time to them. Nobody, certainly not those twin puddleducks, deserves such a pathetic selection of significant adults from the sort that thus far have run their short lives.

We spend, sometimes at taxpayers expense, millions so that infertile rich women and vain rich men, mostly white Americans, can somehow reproduce, either through artificial means of impregnation or sometimes by carefully selected eggs and sperm from local banks presented like dessert trays at fancy restaurants. Nature and God have already said 'no' but the wishes of nature and God ain't worth nuttin' when it comes to white, Christian couples getting their often inferior genetic material back in circulation.

Whole medical institutions, well financed, are dedicated to this absurd process. No such globs of money and medical effort is forthcoming to protect children and run adoption agencies, orphanages, or birth control clinics to standards that might be considered civilized. Thank God a half million more votes went to Gore than Bush. Oh. Yeah. Forgot.