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"Gee, I wonder if he thinks we're terrorists?"

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, October 24, 2001.

The well beloved Mahatma Gandhi, who allegedly followed the footsteps of Christ in his non-violent revolt against the British, is considered a saint by the alleged peace and love crowd of the West, not a small feat for a Hindu. Yet, Gandhi advocated the questionable theory that hospitals and medicine itself were a slap against god, because the sick were sick because of their sins, and their suffering was their punishment, and the will of the cosmos ought not to be controverted. He advocated that India should be composed of peasants spinning yarn at their home looms, and he hated industrialism. He was a medieval mind on the defense, but he hated violence and that alone elevated him. His rebellion coincided with the decline of the British Empire, and led directly to the independence of India, the creation of Pakistan and the eventual Bangladesh, and much that is happening now is a reflection of his life's work, for in fighting him, the Muslim states of central Asia adopted many of his views. This is not because he convinced them, but because patriarchies support each other despite their superficially diverse inclinations.

So it is not really surprising that what we are currently calling terrorism is composed of extremely patriarchal groups with few if any women in the power structure, and that these groups support each other directly and indirectly to achieve their goals, which at the moment is simple vandalism of western civilization by proto civilizations of sexually frustrated adolescent males. We have recently been confronted with the spectacle of Gerry Adams, a literate thug of the Irish Republican Army and currently in Sinn Fein, their legal political wing, working feverishly to force the I.R.A. to start significant disarmament, something promised long ago.

Sinn Fein denies that this remarkable turnabout from posturing bully to mewling diplomat has anything to do with the September 11 change of attitude in the United States, indicating that military action against any and all terrorists are in the pot. It was an unasked question, but the fact that Sinn Fein felt the need to address it proves that it was true. For the I.R.A., the Basques, and many insurrectionist groups train together in North African desert camps, or in Afghanistan, or anywhere they can get away with it. In fact, three IRA members were recently arrested in Columbia for training anti-government forces there. After many denials, Sinn Fein just admitted that one of the three was its representative.....in Cuba. This was the typical lie followed by a duck and weave refined by the less than heroic I.R.A. This is not the association that is likely to make the Bush administration - or for that matter, a Clinton or any American administration - sigh with compassion. And the IRA desert camps make easy, easy bombing targets. The Irish were the first of the modern terrorists to kill each other's women and children by car bomb to no end but pointless terror.

I say again that this war ought to be against the religious right wherever they are in power, because it is from these patriarchal, feudal minded groups that terrorism, so called, emerges. With a Bush administration, powered by the Christian counterparts of Islamic extremism, there is little hope of that, but you take what you can get.

They fear secular learning, and forbid it where possible because it provides a new type of alpha male and often - horrors! females - that threaten the establishment of violent oppression forgiven by male mediators with the divine. They fear foreign influence for the same reason. They all, somehow, seem to want and idealize a world of towns where women do what they're told and men - like, oh, themselves - who memorize religious and allegedly holy writ are allowed to sit out their lives in charge, their own selves and immediate families immune from societal demands for money or military service. The orthodox in Israel, the Cuban communists, the charismatic Christian cultists, the Irish blathers are all the same as the feudal Muslim groups, male oligarchs. Far from wanting a New World, they want an Olde World, only - surprise! - with themselves in charge this time. There is no Left nor Right in their objectives or thinking; there is only power, and no law but that which they subjectively institute. Communist, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, all the same.

It is somewhat ironic, to say no more, that Hindu India essentially rejected Gandhi's vision but not his gift of independence. Ireland has been offered independence for a century, and cannot accomplish it because of the thuggery of the IRA and the stupidity of the violent Ulstermen. It may be that the very ironic heritage of September 11, 2001, is that nobody will ever say again that violence can't accomplish anything good. If nothing else, the IRA is scared, a pleasant sight, and it may be that others are as well.

Fear, like greed, can be good, creative, beneficial in the long run. Even in America. Even to Americans.

This is Dark Cloud.