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Cultural Hegemony

Primitive Cultures Bite, Starting With the Greek System

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, December 12, 2001.

As predicted here a few weeks ago, the hazing case against two University of Colorado sororities bogged down with the help of prominent attorneys. Further, no charges against those who provided booze to the under aged have been filed. Had the parties been named Martinez and Han and disturbance was in a trailer park, of course we'd have swat teams called in. These are the images the law system - not the law - gives to young people.

As the Opium Lords get busy dividing up Afghanistan, the feckless Media mentions them not but waxes ecstatically about the floral arrangement-like blast pattern of huge American bands. I know the war has caused horror and pain to Afghan children and woman, but it has, at least, caused great pain and death to numerous misogynist pigs of the first water. In the short run, it would be hard to prove that America's entry into this war upped the deaths in Afghanistan or not. In the long run, there is some hope, finally.

Although those concerned with cultural integrity have bemoaned the loss of classic Afghani culture, recent events have conspired to alleviate much guilt. The Afghans are clearly composed of two societies - male and female - and the men are further subdivided into gangs and tribes, all of whom respond to bribes, threats, force, and shows of force and who, like all our own street punks, are terribly concerned about their personal dignity and used words like 'honor' and 'respect' a lot to cover the fact that they have none. The loss of this culture would depress only the gang leaders.

The United States is already planning to move into Somalia, almost a cultural replicate of Afghanistan, and the Philippines, where hard-nosed Al Qaeda groups flourish. We will be doing so for our own safety, destroying potential Al Qaeda training camps. What training goes on here?How to use a box cutter?Buy a plane ticket?The perpetrators of September 11 had to come here to learn to fly.

Be that as it may, all these societies treat women like gabby cattle and sexual slaves. Here is a clue, surely. It might be due to their interpretation of religion. It might be due their feudal ethics. In any case, it is the dividing line between civilization and thuggery. The West cannot get too uppity about this. French women, for example, only got the vote in 1947.

Nevertheless, if you are uncomfortable about a war where you find yourself on the same side as John Ashcroft - a Puritan warrior - and George Bush, a mealy mouthed puppet of oil - you can absolve yourself a bit by realizing that one more generation of institutionalized inferior status for women - sometimes called slavery - in unacceptable and if we have to force a self reformation on Islam by force, so be it.

We'll know we've won when Afghani women are brought up on hazing charges for getting their underage wards drunk. I think. This is Dark Cloud.