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Earth to The American Left...............

...........get off your ass!

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, August 14, 2002.

Here is what I do not understand about the Democratic Party or, for that matter, the entire spectrum of the Left in the United States.

For such a loud-mouthed pack of self-congratulatory applause whores you’d think they’d foam at the bicuspids when enemy blood is in the water. After years of weathering the insignificant and already mostly forgotten Clinton scandals, the Democrats have been handed Enron, corporate malfeasance, fraud, perjury and theft and virtually all of it leads directly to Republican coffers and boardrooms, specifically those irrefutably friends and backers of the President. You’d think the party of criminal attorneys would be rabid with legal froth and screaming and going for the throat. It is for their benefit as a political entity that they do so, yes, but here their benefit is also that of the public’s, and restraint, well, be damned.

Virtually everything fell in their laps and it is now possible – nay, likely – that conservative Reagan Republicanism as defined by the marriage of trickle down economics with patriarchal religious dogma could be exposed as the hypocritical cesspit it always has been.

Instead, the Democrats – hell, the communists – dab their lips with doily napkins, sniff with disdain, arch their brows and discuss NAFTA, the Green Party batting order next election, and important but long range environmental issues that share two attributes: any decision made will have its effects known only much later, and it will not affect their immediately foreseeable lifestyle. The Left likes to make paradigm shifting decisions, preferably for other people, but since they can’t be sure how things will evolve, they want the praise now for theoretical benefits later, and avoid at all costs things that might demand chronic dedicated work or – god forbid - penalties. There are excuses and reasons for this, given the last fifty years in the United States, but really it has coalesced into intellectual – and now physical - sloth. The Right always liked to pose the Left as wolves in sheep’s clothing. Even in Metaphor, the Stockholm Syndrome applies: the American Left has become sheep in sheep’s clothing, bought at The Gap.

The headline today is: Enron may have manipulated 2000 California energy prices for its own advantage. NO! Really? Of course, that is exactly what Governor Grey Davis said then. Is the Left lining up to congratulate Davis for having what now can clearly be seen as courage? Is the Left castigating the thieves and hypocrites who profited from that sleaze? If so, politely in prim editorials in the Encino Auto Shopper.

The sleaze buckets who seriously advocated putting Social Security into the stock market run by private sector pros have been allowed to fade away into obscurity. We know they were there, but who were they? Do you recall? Can we count on a vibrant American left to recall them for us? Hello?

Does God have to appear to connect the dots so that we can all see that abortion clinic bombers are terrorists as much as anyone is? Can’t the Democrats take the positive step of removing the pseudo heroic war issues from our own mullahs simply by pointing out that this is a war against the bony kneed old men everywhere who hate women, who fear sex, who see no benefit in an increasingly educated society because they subconsciously - to put the best possible spin on it - feel comfortable with an underclass they can despise? Is it treason to point out or at least let the public observe, the similarities between the Middle East patriarchs and our own? And that all the first world nations have the full participation of their women in the franchise? And that all these great and important distinctions – gender, racial, and personal equality under the law – are precisely the issues that the Republicans (including the Dixiecrats who switched parties) fought against so strongly in my lifetime?

It is not Dubya’s ratings that are high; it is the Presidency’s ratings in a war against people the administration cannot even define. It is not a war against Terrorism; it is a war against certain would-be Terrorists. And because Orthodox religious are the same regardless of faith, we are against them all. The war could easily become a Democratic feather with little effort, framed accurately in the public’s mind.

But nothing. The rustlings cannot be elevated to vacuous without much liquor. The Labor Movement is only concerned about SUV payments. Our students riot only when their inebriation is at stake. What energy the Left once had has been siphoned off by environmental issues that may not, as science suggests, be what was originally thought. The American Left is composed of Nancy boys and social climbing soccer moms. If they cannot make the current situation win for them, they can’t do anything.