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Strom Thurmond: Coprolite

maybe not.....wipe your shoes on the mat

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, December 11, 2002.

I want to say this about my state: When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We're proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead we wouldn't have had all these problems over all these years. Trent Lott celebrating, in public, the retirement of Strom Thurmond, our oldest serving Senator in history.

Strom Thurmond, the coprolitic Senator, aged one hundred who was honored by those words last week by soon to be majority leader Trent Lott of Mississippi, cannot be condemned enough in history. Even more than former Ku Klux Klan member Senator Robert Byrd, Thurmond was the very essence of the racist weasel biding his time. Harry Truman’s narrow victory over Thomas Dewey in the famous 1948 Presidential race was primarily close because of Thurmond, who led the racist Southern Democrats out of the Democratic Party. In the end, this would be good for the comfort of both sides, because the bigots were much more comfortable with their snobby Republican friends and the Democrats were able to appeal to their more natural constituents. It took Richard Nixon with his Southern strategy to cement the deal twenty years later.

But to hear our Senate Leader describing Thurmond’s world view as superior to the one that has emerged is enraging. It calls to mind again the very evil marriage within the Republican Party. This is the one between vile, socially reactionary patriarchs whose penchant for racial stratification pulse beneath their skin and the land of inherited wealth, who are willing to condone the blatherings of Southern Baptist yahoos so long as they vote for the proper sort of person, i.e. themselves. This is the marriage of the lower class social conservatives, like Pat Robertson, with the upper class conservatives, like the Bush family.

They hate each other but need each other, and ugly compromises are constantly made now in power.

What happened since the World Trade Center came down, though, is that the Bush family had a theme that united the nation without undue reliance on the religious right; in fact, you can almost say that Bush has rid himself of the Falwells and Robertsons and David Dukes. At least for the moment.

His popularity as a war President with hardly a body bag and a smoking issue makes the social conservatives a smelly old coat he no longer has to wear when things get tough.

And the mostly lower class Southerners, like Trent Lott, denizens of the area that sponsored mass treason for the worst of all possible human causes, who built on their history of treachery by betraying the party who fought for them against the alleged excesses of Reconstruction with something of the spirit of Lincoln against the party of Lincoln; who betrayed the party of FDR which brought them clean water, electricity, and steady jobs and indications of approaching civil rights so that demagogues like George Wallace and Strom Thurmond and Lester Maddox could play out a decrepit cheap opera that starred themselves, these mostly over coddled pork barrel hayseeds who take continued pride in state education systems that rival Uganda’s, if only everyone had voted with them in 1948, the United States would have had a President Thurmond and look at all we would have missed:

Integration, a wickedly dynamic economy that everyone envies, a standard of living that mocks the rest of the world, and, currently, a conservative government with two African Americans at Cabinet level running the foreign policy of our nation. And a military that scares the microbes from the alimentary canals of various world thugs. What would it have been like with Thurmond in national office? We’d still be debating if Negroes are human and deserving of the vote, and the NAACP would still be flying a pennant from their New York offices a few times a year: a man was lynched today.

Exaggeration? Hallucination about a time long gone? I’m not that old, and you need to read Lott’s quote again, and then review his associations with racist groups in the recent past.

Yes I know, Wallace and Thurmond courted and won the black vote, but I don’t believe their hearts changed ever and we now know Lott’s never did at all. This is the Republican Party in office, with blatant racist Taliban in league with Olde Money, social climbing money launderers and white color criminals.

Trent Lott was spawned of Strom Thurmond, a Senator whose only known accomplishment beyond pork for his State is massive treachery, self empowerment, and lust for a time when white coated wage slaves attended him on the verandah. I used to think Thurmond was just an ambulatory coprolite, but Lott’s got him all over his shoes, and it don’t smell good from here.