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Oh, While I Have You, Lord, One Small Thing.......

will you get OFF your butt and get us some RAIN here? snow's fine, but we need it NOW!

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, December 25, 2002.

Merry Christmas to my brace of Grand Nephews and Nieces: Portia, Ben, Mac, Connor, Seamus, Duncan, and Gracie E! Three more on the way, so I'll be a really Great Avuncular Personage (GAP) next Christmas. I hope to meet you all before long.

Also, in brief announcement, The Boulder Lout, my webzine, has started up some message board forums where you can address and discuss events of interest to you or me or both. Only one is actually in use, but you can start your own at any time. No charge expense or anything beyond a request to remain civil. I'm not asking for verification or mandating sign-in so you can putter around in anonymity. Hope to hear from some of you. Go to the website Tonja announces at the end of this, and then to the Lout, and then to the forums. Easy.

I watch the Pope this morning, his head leaning on his shoulder, his voice sounding like the Godfather in its sing-song lisp, and wonder if I’m in the early stages of the same disease, since my posture mimics his. Naw, I just sit too long in front of the computer and my neck and shoulders are wrapped like guy wire. Merry Christmas to one and all.

As we speak, New England, the land of giants that produced me, is being bathed in the gentle flakes of snow that delineate that correct manner in which to spend Christmas. Here in Colorado, flush against the Rockies, Boulder, the town in which I live is appropriately chilly but devoid of any snow. Rumor has it that this is not the case a few miles west, but this is contrary to my point so the jury is instructed to disregard facts not presented by me.

Not only New England, but if you drew a line from El Paso northeast to Green Bay and shaded all the area east of that line, you’d have a pretty accurate map of where the snow fell, heaviest in the mountains and further north. A lot of wet snow, over a foot in many parts. If that’s an indication of the winter ahead, New England is off its drought and the Ohio River is going to flood this year. Yay! More water, less fire, way to go. A good Christmas present.

We started this ski season in bliss because Colorado had over a foot of natural snow around Thanksgiving, but it vanished. Seems to be coming back, of late. This is not the present we asked for, is it? Not so much for the ski season, which powers much of this state’s income, but for forest fire season, the last of which came very, very close to polishing off a wealthy and large section of Boulder last year by Wonderland Hills. If the wind had been right and strong, Boulder might still be smoking. I don’t care what the authorities say, it was that close. There was not enough time, water, or people to stop it.

Technology has advanced to the point that we don’t ask the principalities of the cosmos for rain or good harvest or sun in correct proportion for our needs. We ask for goodies, and wins on the football field, and blessings on our house and children. But we are so ruled by the gods of rain and wind that we are quite wrong to forget how fragile our existence here is. For example, if the Wonderland Hills fire had made it into the houses and surrounding brush, it is not likely our fire department could have done much more than hinder its march East through Boulder. Look at the photos again and conclude otherwise. I dare you.

And absent rain and snow in proportion to our needs this year, Boulder runs the same risk again after the next Solstice in June. It’s Christmas. While you have their attention, ask a favor we need. Beg for rain. Lots of it.