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Preparations for the Cut and Run

Bush the Incompetent

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, March 01, 2006.

George Bush was in Afghanistan this week, and among his amazingly hollow and stupid remarks was that America doesn’t ‘cut and run’, which sounds so virile and inspiring despite the clear evidence that we’ve cut and run throughout history. We’ve invaded Canada twice, got slapped about by local militia, and ran like hell back to the US. Then, Vietnam, our invasion of the Soviet Union, our forays into Latin America, never mind the mass desertions from Union and Confederate forces at different times to different results. Bush is either remarkably ignorant or hoping we are. There’s evidence for either and both.

As we speak, we’re about to turn over the administration of large eastern seaports to a foreign government. I know it’s presented merely as a company owned by Arabs, and my President says I must hate Arabs and Muslims if I’m against the mere transition of corporate ownership. But the new company is wholly owned by the government of Dubai, one that buys off Islamic militants and was one of the few to recognize the Taliban. Would we even turn over administration of our ports to the governments of England or France? China? I think not, frankly. So why Dubai? Because Bush says so, apparently. And we’re to trust him despite the expanding bloom of revelations of monumental incompetence and corruption all about his administration and to simply conclude that because he’s vetted them, it’s okay. This, from the guys who brought us Mission Accomplished and Brownie, the "Insurgency’s last legs" and unhurt quail, Jack Abramoff and Duke Cunningham, we now have assurances that this time they actually know what they’re doing. This is the sort of attitude commonly found in nations where the Head of State signs his name within a cartouche, and nobody dares laugh.

And by the way? What are we doing? We went after the Taliban in Afghanistan for hosting al Quada which had, indeed, attacked us. Despite the known likelihood they’d depart for the tribal areas of Pakistan, we did little to stop it. So, we’re stuck in the nation of goats and earthquakes installing freedom. In Iraq, we satisfied the Bush urge to be publicly seen avenging a weak father’s failure to overthrow Saddam, who now publicly lambastes us from the freedom of the witness box and who may never be convicted and may actually be set free depending upon the outcome of the Civil War, recently announced. When George Bush chants about freedom, does he mean or understand it? FDR codified the four freedoms he said we needed to defend and spread. There are two freedom “ofs” and two freedom “froms.”

The first is freedom of speech and expression…. The Bushies alter this to except cases where his competence or intent is called into question. If you’re against Bush or question his wars, you must hate freedom.

The second is freedom of every person to worship God in his own way….As long as it’s the approved God. If a majority of Hindu move into a small Colorado town, would the school board back a prayer to the various Hindu gods at football games and statuary in the recess area? Is it the same God? FDR, who didn’t lunch with the Almighty, figured God must speak to us all differently and fine with him. Bush? Bush is on a mission from God.

The third is freedom from want…. Unless it’s want for information, explanations from your elected officials, want for accountability, want for verification.

The fourth is freedom from fear…. This has succeeded so well the United States is not only free from fear, it’s free from empathy or even basic visualization powers to see how paper thin our freedoms really are, how typical Katrina-like disasters are around the world, how unbelievably fortunate we have been.

Under George Bush, how many of these freedoms are we actually fighting for in our various conflicts as I speak? And more important: how many of them are still safe here at home. Has anyone actually checked for a cartouche?

Are we fighting for freedom of expression and suffrage in Islamic lands or fighting for freedom from worries about power supplies here at home? Are we fighting for anything at all, or just against that which threatens the status quo? And are we willing to sacrifice anything to wage these wars? Apparently not. Bush is so scared of inconvenient debt, he’s pushed it off on our grandchildren.

It’s the sort of leadership that will indeed see us cut and run from Iraq, because there’s no way we can prevent a Civil War, and no way to stay when it happens. And it’s quite likely that Bush will see another and worse al Qaeda attack under his watch, and increasingly likely it will be in a port on the east coast.