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We're Doomed, Tragg

The Dem's can still blow it, and The Nation shows us how.....

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, July 26, 2006.

Many of people my age recall Mad Magazine in its prime, the late fifties and the early sixties. During that period, much of the satire in a magazine totally without advertising and dependent upon sales was directed against television, then a medium without a past, and three generations learned to enjoy it together. A popular program was Raymond Burr’s Perry Mason, and Mad went for the obvious weaknesses.

In the comic, DA Hamilton Burger is listing all the things his case against a murderer has in its favor. The murder was recorded on film, the murderer confessed, it was done in front of 50k eye witnesses in a football stadium. The victim wrote out the murderer’s name in blood and pointed at him before he died. As they prepare for the trial, they review all this until Burger inquires who the defense attorney is. When told Perry Mason, he collapses. “We’re sunk.” He says.

Democrats today are tallying up the advantages they have going into a new election cycle. The opposition controls all branches of government and has done, by all accounts, a terrible job. Democrats can be blamed for nothing in the last eight years. The GOP has lessened regard for government with Terri Shiavo and clearly partisan Supreme Court rulings. They have weakened our military’s ability to protect us from real threats while getting soldiers killed for bogus reasons in wars for domestic advantage which backfired. They’re by tally the most corrupt Congress on record, and it’s looking worse and worse all the time as more and more in Congress come under the eye of various prosecutors around the nation. They are on the opposite side of the public on issues from abortion to stem cell research to Internet freedom to gay rights to immigration. Let’s not talk about the environment. Or the Iraq War. Or social security. Or health insurance. Because the GOP is really out to sea with the voters on those.

Their leader is so unpopular that, at this rate, the best he can hope for is to eventually be buried in an unmarked grave to escape desecration. And that, by Republicans. His administration is composed of political hacks and incompetents, of rubes and thieves, and his personal incompetence is now perceived as so huge he is publicly dissed by our own Allies, if such they can be called at this point. The best thing that can be said about his cabinet appointments is that one is black and a woman. His Vice-President is widely seen as the real power. Tin pot dictators laugh at him. He’s overextended us to no point, has no plans, and says this will all be settled by future presidents, as if he won’t be blamed or held accountable. This is so different than what he told us previously, nobody can claim he didn’t lie about it.

The US, whatever its faults, used to at the very least have the image of Can Do and magnificent and stuttering competence. That all washed away in Katrina due to federal failures of the sort that would embarrass Haiti.

And further, the GOP has nothing like Perry Mason. Even Karl Rove, the candidate for the role, is now visibly on clay feet and sounds as dated as Earl Stanley Gardner’s prose and as corrupt as his villains. He’s not Perry Mason. He’s not even Marcia Clark. The GOP isn’t dead men walking, they’re a rotted corpse biodegrading. And yet, the Dem’s can still lose.

It is apparently felt the Democrats could run the fat, gay, naked guy who was the first Survivor winner just imprisoned and stand a reasonable chance of winning the Presidency. What reminds me of Mad Magazine today is the cold fear that they might just do it. They might just choose a feel good candidate and give the nation a choice between a Cheney clone and a Peace and Justice Center community activist. They’re Democrats. They can negate ANY advantage.

And The Nation magazine is seriously encouraging PBS host Bill Moyers to run for President, and Molly Ivins doesn’t think it’s a bad idea. It is a terrible idea to even suggest such a thing, which isn’t excused by hot weather editorial blahs. And it’s the sort of half-baked stream of consciousness thinking that could well lead to doing something stupid because the elections are viewed as won. I hear that and John Dean morphs into DA Burger before my eyes.

What the Democrats need only do is demonstrate they can chew gum, not rob the children’s piggy bank, and give some indication by cadence and pronunciation they know and have thought about what they are reading before the cameras. Seems easy enough. And yet……………