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....and Peace was made when they arrived.....

Bush's mindset is understandable given the sound bytes that formed it way back when.......

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, August 09, 2006.

I think anyone who wants to understand the Bush foreign policy need only listen to the theme songs of the television westerns President Bush grew up with, and on. Just as forensic procedurals like CSI dominate today, westerns dominated into the early 1960’s of Bush, and my own, childhood. Over-simplistic is the kindest interpretation of most, and I worry that I may be oversimplistic myself with this handy tune, but listen. Here’s an example that fits Bush’s apparent self image.

There was a gun that won the West.
There was a maaaaaaaan, among the rest!
The fastest gun or man alive!
A lightening bolt when he drew that Colt (BANG!) .45

He carried the message of Law and of Order
Into a wicked land.
With a Colt single action (on he rovered? On his revolver?)
Blazing from either hand!

There was a right - there was wrong!
The gun was quick! The man was strong!
And peace was made when they arrived.
A lightening bolt when he drew that Colt. BANG! Colt .45…….

I’ve been trying to see the flaw to this insight, but I cannot. And frankly, I think the mythic cowboy image has become stronger, not weaker, as the administration has biodegraded. Whatever, it does not look good for the GOP this November, no matter how they try to pat it into shape.

The Bushies have shown, and in particular the President has shown, they’re neither truly conservative nor remotely competent or even passably informed on the world they constantly lecture on right and wrong. Few have noticed that what Bush and his supposed snuggle bunny Condi Rice have been telling us about the Middle East in a series of recent idiotic press conferences, sometimes together, are quite opposite. Nobody notices that Bush isn’t remotely coherent.

That’s probably because the two combined now exert the sum diplomatic force of a Togo Tourism Minister. America does not yet fully appreciate the rapid fall in either affection – we used to have some, believe it or not – or respect for our can-do competence and enthusiasm in the eyes of the entire world, and all due to the Bush-Cheney administration and a monumentally corrupt Republican Congress. We’re going to pay, big time.

But I’d feel so much better if the Democrats had some coherence and executive competence themselves to exhibit. I have yet to see it, frankly. A platform of “The idiots you don’t know could not be worse than the idiots you do!” is not the clarion call to effective administration that I’d hope to hear at this point.

Rather, the Democrats are excited that Joe Lieberman will quite likely serve a fourth term as an Independent, which MoveOn and the Daily Kos consider a meaningful victory. It’s that sort of chaotic political stupidity that makes western ditties attractive to voters in the first place.

"We'll camp here...."

Cheyenne! Cheyenne! Where will you be camping tonight!
Lonely man, Cheyenne! Will your heart stay free and bright?
Dream, Cheyenne! Of the girl you may never love.....
Move along, Cheyenne, like the restless cloud up above......