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When People Say It's Not About A Black Man Having Sex With a White Woman Who Won't Have It With Me..........

.....it probably is.

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, October 25, 2006.

I’m not sure how many more political commercials on television I can take. I watch maybe three hours of television plus daily news a week, and lately I think 90% of the air time are these irritating commercials. I don’t even live in Marilyn Musgrave’s Congressional District and I don’t see why I or anyone on this planet should be subject to Musgrave’s strangely vicious promos. I have cable; they can run targeted commercials by street block. Why me?

I personally would have less difficulty believing Musgrave was a pole dancer or a sexual surrogate than her real job as a Congresswoman. I’d certainly feel that was less of a tear in the space/time continuum for which her present occupation serves as evidence. Musgrave is one of those weird Republican women with such pronounced Daddy Issues and personal frustration, like Katherine Harris in Florida and Jeannine Pirro in New York, that if were not for their bitter hatreds and sense of social entitlement would compel compassion along the lines of Christian charity about which all the gals preach but none practice. Can anyone imagine one of those gorgons downing shots with Senators McCain and Clinton as they did recently without a front page horror in the New York Post?

Everything Musgrave says, even the very few things I agree with her about, suggests a shallow and ignorant woman. I cannot believe that in her district there aren’t people close to her political mind but decimal points smarter who couldn’t do a better and less embarrassing job.

But Musgrave, who probably really does think homosexuality is America’s greatest threat as her campaign says, will likely win over the Democratic opponent who has only slightly more social stature than I do. Surely there was a Democrat in the district with a better legal record? Or, at least, someone who would have been prepared for the campaign Musgrave waged against Angie Paccione’s fiscal distress in years past? And who thought it a good idea for stage applause in Paccione’s commercials? Who? I agree with Paccione about almost everything, but her commercials make Musgrave’s seem nearly presidential, and she’s run a terrible campaign. In the Fourth Congressional District it’s about sex and money.

The Seventh Congressional District, just south of Boulder, is my other agitation which I do not deserve. Democrat Ed Perlmutter and Rick O’Donnell provide us innocents with another sort of vicious fight, one that threatens diabetic reactions in the unprepared and deep anger in those who read. O’Donnell is trying to pass himself off as barefoot boy with cheek, as the saying went, but having once written an editorial not that long ago saying Social Security is un-American, and then trying to blame his opponent for favoring a legislation because Ted Kennedy supports it but not mentioning that his beloved President Bush does as well, is yet another of Lee Atwater’s crafted poseurs: pretending to embody American values while in reality just being a gofer for establishment interests. So is our President.

But Perlmutter’s ads, like O’Donnell’s, are so treackly, are so bathed in the wash of Family Values, that it takes a strong character to get through them without feeling the immediate and pressing need for Black Sabbath at full volume and a bottle of Jim Beam and a bad woman. It looks like he’ll win, and I’m grateful, but that campaign is nauseating at every level. It does, however, avoid both sex and money.

And then the Governor’s race. I don’t care if our Governor can ride a horse. I really don’t. And something else? The Colorado Governor’s office is very, very weak. Bill Owens can’t do anything anymore without the GOP controlling the legislature. If the voters would wake up and spend more time on the less sexy state representatives and Senators, who have far more power, we’d all be better off. But most people can’t even name their representatives.

But it’s worse elsewhere.

I discussed the residue of Nixon’s Southern Strategy a few weeks ago. And now the GOP have allowed an appeal to their base bigotry with fear-of-miscegenation ads against black Democrat Senatorial candidate Harold Ford in Tennessee. It was done by having a white and available young woman seem thrilled to hook up with Ford in his opponent’s ad. The only dramatic device less subtle would be Madelyn Kahn screaming “It’s twue, it’s twue!” and Richard Pryor screaming “where da white women?”

This is Nixon’s strategy revealed: the power-shifting of racists from the Democrats to the Republicans. It’s nice they aren’t claiming states’ rights and concern for strict constructionist interpretation of the Constitution as the reason for their presence in the GOP, at least anymore. Not after that ad, for which money would not be spent without reason. The GOP is so desperate this election they’ve shucked all coyness and revealed themselves in the pander for votes. The anti-Ford advertisement in Tennessee is directed at sexually fearful racist bigots, clear as a bell, and a bookend to the one of newer GOP scandals, this one in California, where the GOP was caught sending out false information to Hispanic voters to intimidate them from voting.

When people say it’s not about the money, or the sex, or somebody’s racial heritage, it’s…..sometimes about all three.