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Which Nation Is In Crisis, Now? Iraq? Or Us?

And about this final evacuation of Iraq........

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, December 06, 2006.

Imagine a nation in crisis, and you convene a gathering of The Wise to find an answer to the horror, and a way out, and after a detailed investigation and rumination, you are presented with a report that begins…..

“The situation in Iraq is grave and deteriorating. There is no path that can guarantee success, but the prospects can be improved.” That’s from page six of the Iraq Study Group’s report, just released today, and from that sparkling opening paragraph in the Executive Summary, the report slogs on through pages of mounting hysteria - that include evidence of corruption, stupidity, ignorance, and fantasy - to somehow conclude that unlikely efforts by unqualified individuals suddenly motivated by good will nowhere in evidence might create out of ether a nation the citizens would not, in any case, actually support on behalf of a patriotism they do not feel.

It’s not Iraq that’s the nation in crisis. Iraq is not a nation, never has been. It’s merely the geographical boundary of warring street gangs that was held together by the most violent among them. The nation in crisis is us. We’re not focused because we’re not yet paying, but when the bill comes due for this ridiculously waged war, we want to recall precisely on whom to blame it. That would be our dry drunk President, George Bush, whose lust to be a war leader and have his name mentioned with Churchill and Lincoln was utilized by the neo-cons, and enabled by as sleazy a set of politicians as this nation has ever endured. That’s saying something.

At the end, you’re prepared to think the report’s depressing opening paragraph simply giddy with a drunk’s optimism compared to what followed.

While the report suggests we have grownups back in charge, we continue to embrace the political and historical grasp of children. We cannot declare success or failure and simply leave Iraq. Militant Islam knows where we live, have nothing much to do, and people willing to fund a prolonged war against us rather than building their economies.

Much of the Third World is composed on boundaries that were merely the result of a make work afternoon activity by the British Foreign Office twits as their Empire was organized for rule. Deserts, having few physical boundaries to follow, spoke to the inner need to draw straight lines, and Iraq was created out of convenience, casualness, and confusion.

We continue to use the term Iraq, Iraqi people, and Iraqi government as if they mean what we pretend they do. Most people’s first professed allegiance is to their family. But beyond that surety, I sincerely doubt that the first allegiance anyone in Iraq feels is to their nation, much less a government. Their first allegiance, supported by a strong sense of self-preservation, is to the local tribal chiefs who are best in the position of granting sanctions and sharing booty. The second is to their religion. I know they claim different, but I don’t believe obsequiously religious Muslims any more than I believe obsequiously religious Christians.

When our government chats up a future where an Iraqi military stands up to support a democratically elected Iraqi government and the US can leave, apparently having succeeded, I think they’re insane. I don’t think an Iraqi leader exists who could unite the selfishly warring cliques in Iraq, just as Tecumseh, Osceola, and Metacom could not unite the aborigines of American against the Europeans, much less for a better life. It’s simply a daft notion.

But America is delusional if it thinks it can pack up and leave and return home, nothing much changed, like we did in Vietnam. This will instigate more attacks, because we’ll be perceived as both weak and vulnerable and deserving of punishment. Further, it wasn’t the Iraq War that created the election results as much as the corruption and hypocrisy of a degenerate party too long in power. This nation, as a whole, doesn’t really live as if it were at war. That’s because we aren’t paying for it yet. We’ve billed the grand kids, who will also have to pay for the long living and numerous baby boomers who will easily outreach their Social Security. Don’t think that’ll cause social turmoil when the young realize they have to kiss their future good bye to pay for our seemingly perpetual retirement as well as this stupid war?

We’re the nation in crisis, and we won’t admit it because we choose not to look. And the danger is not just in a theoretical theocratic future Bush on which has wasted our military. Nobody, you note, chats about how we’re actually going to be able to evacuate the final men, tanks and equipment from Iraq if we’ve previously lowered our own numbers, which even now are insufficient. Are the last men to die in Iraq going to drive them out down roads lined with mines, children strapped with explosives, and fighting all the way? That’s going to look good in the world media, just like the Soviets did when they left Afghanistan, and the last helicopter left Saigon.