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it was only a raid on illegal workers, wasn't it?

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, December 13, 2006.

The feds busted a bunch of illegal workers at the Swift meat packing plant in Greeley this week, along with other Swift plants around the nation. Agents said they were targeting a criminal syndicate that provided illegal aliens with stolen identifications from actual citizens. Many are claimed guilty of other crimes as well.

Knowing nothing else, you and I could write, create from memory, the subsequent actions of all sides. Swift, of course, announced with heavy heart that it never condoned nor knowingly employed illegal workers, and that they are shocked – shocked, I tell you – that somehow about 99% of their benthic workforce was revealed as criminal in fact if not intent by this one raid. Some hyperbole there, yes, but not much. Or enough.

Oddly, only the illegal workers in what can be safely termed dangerous and disgusting jobs were arrested. Nobody in Human Resources or – I’m drinking early today – the executive suite had their day bothered except for phoning the newspapers to place new want ads, maybe in Spanish as well as English.

Like the drug war, which is related, America’s red and blue state hypocrites perform their roles as if they were in a passionless Passion Play, which in fact they are. They want to emote their affections for laws and standards they surreptitiously ignore in practice for their profit and highs.

As we could easily foresee, a Roman Catholic bishop, this one in Utah near another Swift plant, stapled his wrist to his forehead and bemoaned, like The Simpson’s Mrs. Lovejoy, what about the children? Who will take care of them when the parents are in jail? Good question, that, and it occurs to me those standing around and protesting their right to disobey the law might take care of the kids. As for the opinion of any official of the Roman Catholic Church, I frankly don’t understand why all the clerics aren’t in prison for either being, enabling, or covering up a pedophile sex program of their own priests, which they themselves admit comprised 10% of their seminary graduates, which pretty much proves it’s much higher. They hand out millions to their alleged victims with increasing speed, which suggests they know the numbers and crimes are much worse. In any case, what was the Catholic population of the area around the Utah plant before it opened? What is it now? Coincidence, of course.

The political left, of course and with reason, wants the Corporate Board of Directors to share cell time with the poor schmucks their company could only have hired with willing if not instructed ignorance. Since many of these folks in that elevated income sphere are professed conservative Republicans and law and order types, I’d like to see them meld their actions with their professed family values, or whatever are left after Haggard and Abramoff lit them up for us to view. They hide in Horatio Alger land, and suggest they’re merely helping people secure the American Dream by allowing foreigners to do labor no American would do. Only partially true. Nobody in their right mind would do some of this work for the reward offered, and the idea is to elevate the working conditions of the world outside the US, not bring their conditions and pay here.

And that is the beef – pun intended - of the isolationist American Right. Xenophobia is gussied up as patriotism and paraded as salt of the earth concern for national well being. But so many of those who wrap themselves in the flag on our behalf, also have – coincidently - a thing – let’s call it fear - against people of shorter stature and perma-tanned skin of variable darkness who somehow still possess the synapses and ability to efficiently use kitchen appliances and landscape machinery for much less money and far more deferential manner than native born Americans.

All of this, of course, is because of overpopulation. Most benthic jobs could be done by machines cheaper and better than people can do them. We’ve created a world where we are of less utility and less interest to each other. That’s both good and bad, but it’s very bad when we allow or create jobs just to keep the masses employed. You can’t pretend to be a necessary cog when all evidence suggests you are not, that you’re easily replaced by someone who need not speak the language, and that it’s obvious a machine could do it as well without error. That often subconscious observation creates resentment and anger, and guess who they want to take it out on? Those they perceive would not or could not hit back.

Like our drug war, the immigration battle is related to how to control an uneducated and unmotivated mass of citizens. Until we have a clear way out, we allow this war, and others, to continue.