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.....our population is cut in half

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, August 08, 2007.

Everyone in Boulder and elsewhere has memorized the keywords and catchphrases of the new – supposedly new – ecological debate, so called. We’re concerned with our carbon footprint and we’re concerned with the religion of vegetarianism and the religion of spiritual existence and with preserving the planet for our children. Or so we say.

In fact, any rational, informed, and constructive discussion would concern our own population, and how there is much more to life – or at least one worth living – than mathematical proofs of needed ground for grain and needed water to drink and fish for each human soul. But you would find only the most tepid and cowardly mention in all the tracts on this issue, from tree hugging dopeheads to bat guano insane Christian fundamentalists alike, on the one and – really, only one - ecological issue. We need to greatly reduce the human population. Virtually every other issue would vanish if human population stayed around 50% of what it is now. And, there’d be room to get away from each other and actually enjoy and understand nature.

There is always the contention that each and every soul is unique and brings something special, and that we risk losing great minds by not fornicating as, well, as irresponsibly as human beings. Even the rabbit, a rodent, is wise enough to reabsorb its young in the womb if there isn’t enough food. Humans, being in God’s image, await the painful birth when traditionally wise elders inspect the infant, and if not up to the standards of the tribe, expose it to the elements. Which is to say, kill it. This was so common that the ghosts of these dead infants were given a name in Scandinavia: utbergs. Drove their poor mothers, who generally had zero say in their fate, mad.

Most of the blame for this lack of examination comes from patriarchal religions and male vanity. I doubt at any time in human history have women wept with joy at the thought of another year pregnant after five or six, or maybe after just one or two. There are women who can birth twelve healthy kids and complete the washing within an hour of each birth before hitting the plow on the back 40, but most women, having broken the shackles, would not willingly become a slave for the rest of their lives. And although it can and often is gussied up as else, all good parents are, in fact, arguable slaves to their young wards.

It is not, of course, in the first world that this is the big issue. Once women get the vote and access to divorce lawyers, the birth rate drops like a Cheney popularity poll. It is in the poorest and least educated parts of the world – say, the humans plundering Mexico City’s dump for a little something before dinner or swimming in human excrement in the Ganges – where high birth rates are far beyond any sustainable possibility, and numerous starving children a sign of wealth and god's blessings. If the skeeters don’t get them than the hippos, witch doctors, drug gang militias will.

Somewhere along the line, the American Left put it’s notional testicles in storage or had them reabsorbed into the body politic and refused, absolutely refused, to take the position that one society or culture was better than any other. Further, they stopped applying any manner of judgmental thinking about spoor eating cannibals on an obscure Pacific island or culturally deformed men who physically deformed their women in Africa for their strange vanities, selfishness, and ritually imposed sadisms.

You are condemned for suggesting that dirt eaters are backward and could enjoy modern life a tad more, and this because then you have disrupted a cherished culture and it is their duty to remain primitive and unique for our entertainment and research papers rather than our duty to offer them choices. It is wrong and disrespectful of religion if we charge slavers with murder and, well, slavery, and it would be uncivilized of us to offer those men convicted of such either capital punishment or gelding by blunt spoon heated on the fire, the same way they treat their women. Yes, it would hurt a lot. Good. Let’s see a few of those activities on YouTube. If it reflected an actual punishment, it would get and hold the attention of those who need to pay it.

In short, people, I don’t want to hear about carbon footprints or mileage, or hemp clothing, or Fair Trade, or cultural respect, or long line fishing violations, or solar heated housing. At least, not until you promise to have no more than one child, to love and educate and raise them well. Because listening to presidential candidates with three to five children getting furrow-browed about the environment gags me. With every child you have beyond one, your footprint at least doubles, and committees and discussions about anything else till the population drops is the definition of meaningless.