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An Honorable Murder

....only a woman, you know

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, February 18, 2009.

In a suburb of Buffalo New York, a man decapitated his wife recently after she filed for divorce. She was tiny, he was huge, and the efficient manner of her death suggested a motivation that most here in the United States read about but rarely encounter. It was, quite possibly, an “honor killing” not unlike those inflicted by the Mafia or rap stars, but which is meant that the gossamer of the meaningless word “honor” is lovingly draped over a selfish and reprehensible act of a laughably vainglorious man with dubious credentials to be so. But this wasn’t a blinged out rapper or greasy wise guy, it was a Muslim businessman, so all the romance and forgiveness and understanding that the Great American Plantlife accords the Mafia and rappers when they kill or pummel mere women - often slaughtering innocents in the process - is absent. One wonders why.

This particular Muslim couple ran a cable network, called Bridges TV, that broadcast in English but catered to the Muslim minorities in both the United States and Canada. This entirely appropriate and needed device of communication was the work of Muzzammil Hassan, called Mo, and his wife Aasiya. The couple was reportedly very sophisticated, accomplished, and popular. There had been incidents of domestic violence in the past, once when he ran her car off the road when their two children were with her. For those who watch crime dramas, we recognize this a clue. Mo was not religious, didn’t attend mosque, but he adhered to many traditions regarding men and women. The story emerges of an extremely frustrated man and an increasingly enlightened wife wanting to break free.

One of the happy but stupid thoughts of the American Left is that respect should be accorded all cultures, which need to be weighed as equal to our own. This allows money to be raised for adorable, impoverished children, feeding them and educating them, exchanging warm photos of them in the new clothing sent with such interesting looking relatives smiling behind them, and then dropping them like live grenades when they reach puberty and they’re married off to toothless old men under religious laws and hallowed traditions that amount to no more than slavery. It’s considered awful to shred the dignity of a traditional patriarchal apparatus in place.

One of the reasons for this is that a lot of our foreign experience is through the eyes of our own traditional Christian charities, themselves as patriarchal and rigid as anything run by the Mullahs. They get to be seen, while raising money, exercising Christian compassion to children right up to the time where discussions might encourage someone to point out that substituting one Man is All, Woman is Subservient structure for another isn’t progress and pretty stupid as well. And the atheistic Left is okay with this because it allows them - when we unenlightened get disdainful of foreign cultures - to point out that we dropped the atom bomb, plus My Lai, and Abu Graib, so we’re just as bad.

It isn’t just religions, but political parties including our disdainful far Left parties, New Age cults, and performing music groups which serve as enabling activities for repressive, and demeaning acts, often sexual in nature, for charismatic if mostly insecure - if not mentally ill - men. The Fundamentalist Mormon churches seem to be little more than pedophile heaven for guys who like really young girls and a lot of them. The Catholic Church has admitted its priesthood is populated with predators of both genders at early ages, and secular police work shows these activities have been known and covered up for over a century in this nation alone. Hard to say which summer camps are the least safe for children. There have been entire programs run here in Boulder and elsewhere by groups headed by guys who seem to prey upon poorly educated and vulnerable single mothers.

And, as a recently completed murder trial here in Boulder shows, the process can be acted out within traditional marriage as well. If an infant had not died and brought to our attention the marriage’s seedy innards, could anyone now be surprised if that marriage eventually ended much the same as the one in Buffalo? There are many covering and enabling activities for the exercise of demented male power from the most obvious, marriage, to the less so, like group therapy. Even group therapy run by clerics or clerisy. It’s quite the same.

But if a Muslim is guilty, it’s somehow worse, even strange, to our public. And it’s somehow indicative of the failings of his religion, whereas if he’d been Jewish or certainly Christian, or at least politically progressive, these things wouldn’t happen. The facts are otherwise. The god worshipped, the specific incense burned, is not decisive.