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piracy, murder of gays, infant kidnappings and slaughters related

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, April 08, 2009.

In Iraq and Iran, gay men have always led a dangerous existence, but of late the powers that be are just openly killing them or allowing them to be killed by the numerous mentally disturbed religious militias, simply for being gay. In some cases, to demonstrate the killers themselves aren't homosexual by macho posture in the photos for which the term irony is insufficient. The gay media is apoplectic, understandably, and demanding that something be done.

In the Indian Ocean, Somali pirates have captured an American flagged vessel with American crew members. These are very poor people trying to make a living, evidenced by piracy being the nation's biggest business. Somalia is a warrior culture of male worship as well, which is why they cannot compete in the world. Being a feudal warrior prevents it, because the women are ever deprived of elevation above the male, and education scares the male structure.

In China, there is a thriving kidnap business of infant boys, because boys are just more important for parents in both status and pocketbook. Girls, when married, require a dowry. Expensive. China years ago limited family size to one child, cruelly enforced but necessary, so now nothing could be worse in the ignorance of rural, South China families than having only one child and that child a girl. The horror. As a result, infant daughters disappear.

All three of these things - the murder of those considered sexual deviants to the religious cultural norm, the compulsions towards violence under guise of necessity in disproportionately male dominated societies, and the murder of female infants and superior valuation of the male - are closely related, and cannot be separately addressed.

Even in this nation, families are known where the mother was compelled to keep churning out the young 'uns till the father was blessed with a son, an ambulatory monument to himself, and carry on the name. Sometimes the wife was even willing to sacrifice her body and intellectual life for that goal. Religion compels it.

Decades ago, when I discovered Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, I suspiciously kept looking for indications that most accorded victims were baby girls, but that wasn't true, and these were just cases of murder, apparently for the thrill, by the parents. The couple whose travails first compelled the granting of syndrome status later confessed after conviction. Many others got away with it, although a few cases may actually be unexplained death with no intent. But, there was no statistical gender bias. Yet, I remained suspicious and revisited all the old stories.

Long ago, cleanly in and only Sparta we're told, the city elders examined each new born for defects, and those deformed or not perfect were tossed upon the rocks. Brutal, but good eugenics, supposedly. What would, though, a village elder in a warrior culture consider deformed? If there were few women for wives, wouldn't that be a motivating factor for later conquest for legions of young men, which only coincidently would honor the gods and, again coincidently, the village elders, who had to apportion finite food in the meantime as well?

This child has no penis. Deformed. Dead.

It was common enough, and wide spread enough, that in northern Europe, a specific type of ghost haunted certain mothers. They were called Utbergs, the spirits of the children left exposed on rocks or tossed into the sea, supposedly, because there was something wrong with them. There's good reason to suspect that one thing wrong was that they were female. There was no appeal. They drove guilt-ridden mothers, forced to willingly comply, mad. I'd like to hope utbergs visited a few fathers, at least.

Warrior societies to this day are simple male worship, often homoerotic in nature and presentation, excused by gossamers provided by the clerisy. This inevitably leads to violent and dangerous curiosities like Kaiserine Germany only one hundred years ago. There, women had to step off the sidewalk to let Army officers past, yet the Kaiser's General Staff of strutting macho men was predominantly gay, and women in general were terra incognita to far too many German men. That particular world is mostly gone, but you can see it in religious militias today, where they ironically breed gay inclinations even as they, by doctrine, despise it. And this, despite the curious fact that warrior societies ironically always have lost militarily, and lose the culture wars as well, to more accepting and better educated rivals. Whether Sparta, the Sioux, Germany, or feudal Islam.

But they are never eradicated.

As we speak, female infants are being killed, male infants kidnapped, and Asian mothers are surely visited by the close relatives of the Norse Utbergs. Why? The self adulation of men, who too often contort all civilization to that retarded, self-destructive goal. In many parts of the world, they're also willing to sacrifice civilization to it, because they can imagine nothing else to do today.