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Chatting With the Deity

Really? He speaks well of you......

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, May 06, 2009.

These are the blessed weeks in Boulder. CU graduation is this week, and this weekend the city will empty of the college students. The comparative silence is refreshing. Further, May is a month of traditional warm days and cool nights. It is an absolute pleasure to get up, breath the newly oxygenated air and listen to the birds every morning, starting at 0430. Even so, the swimming pool in my apartment complex opens. Bikini season. God has a Margarita on the recliner not far away, time to chat and life is good.

High on my list of conversation topics is our next Supreme Court justice. I think it safe to say it will be a woman, and she’ll be incredibly competent by all pertinent standards except those of the bovine far right, who’ll want to know if she’s a virgin, or at least straight and favors the missionary position, and would uphold the conviction and capital punishment against any woman who, at the age of 14 and recently orphaned, was gang raped by drug addled slave merchants awash in STDs and inexplicably opted to have an abortion. Conservatives, now forming the sclerotic core of the Republican party, want touching obsequiousness to their high, ethical, core values as published in the Holy Bible, the book that says Adam only became a living soul with his first breath of life. Reduced to essentials, they want the world safe for fourth rates afraid of women, sex, and people likely to laugh at them as they posture.

One of the creepiest aspects of the Bush years is that after all was said and done, the Supreme Court of our supposed WASP nation has two Protestant, two Jewish, and five Catholic justices, four of which are as militantly conservative as the Curia’s most demented members. In the past - the recent past, in fact - that would not have happened solely because of the mild anti-Catholic and often resounding anti-Semitism of the nation’s voters. But our conservatives have lowered their fear of Papist rule from afar since discovering that militantly Catholic judges – say those members of Opus Dei - can do much of their social regression work for them, just as they discovered that neo-con Israel fanatics support their dangerous love of military action by others.

Justices Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, and Alito are socially very conservative and willing to be activist on behalf of their beliefs, which color their opinions just as a set of opposite values affected more liberal justices in the past. Anthony Kennedy, also Catholic, is the swing vote in this court, and the one most representative of American Catholicism, which is by far more liberal and female friendly than the Vatican or the Third World.

Justice Souter has announced he’s outta there, and Obama will get to select his first nominee to the Court. It won’t be the last. After years of Presidents who had to pander to the religious right, we have a Court both activist and regressive in tone and intent, so the choice will be important. This, because Justice Ginzberg, the only woman currently sitting, surely wishes to retire, and this iron-backed justice is counting on the Obama administration not to do something stupid. Since she seemingly viewed her recent bout with cancer as no more than a mild root canal and lept off the operating table to tackle cases and march in for Obama’s State of the Union, she isn’t the sort to mean well feebly. On top of this, the court’s undoubted liberal, John Paul Stevens, is 89 years old despite good health. Obama will likely have three choices for the Court. Given that Antonin Scalia - the acid tongued, partisan, and very religious intellectual bulwark of the right wing – is in his dotage, overweight, and 73, perhaps four.

There are sea changes approaching. The more or less Republican governor of California openly discusses legalizing marijuana, and there is much attention being paid to our idiotic drug war in general, currently killing Third World peasants and American soldiers and peace officers in a time of financial recession. More important, this dichotomy - being militantly against that for which we are the primary market – continues to destroy appreciation for the elegance and importance of law, without which we have no nation. Even conservatives are wobbled at that framing of the issue. I’m not as enthused about gay marriage because I think that it’s marriage itself that needs reconstruction, but it’s going to happen.

And I do not want conservatives, representative neither of their religion nor the voters, to be passing final judgment upon these issues in the Supreme Court soon enough. I’m very convincing in argument, if silent, and the Deity sips his Margarita thoughtfully, shuts his eyes and contemplates my views. That, or how the Nuggets got to the finals. It’s hard to tell, and man, it’s really nice out. Boulder is heaven sometimes.

Freshen this, would you?