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balding, increasingly obese, unaccomplished, uninteresting, but! Willing to murder abortionists!

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, June 03, 2009.

Nancy Reagan is one of the few Americans whose social standing is not affected by her proximity with the current President. That said, the 88 year old former First Lady looked truthfully pleased as punch to be with the Obamas this week, and certainly showed no underlying reflexive horror that a black family was in her place, and her polite and honest public explanation (voted for McCain, but way impressed by Obama) and good wishes contrasted pleasantly this week with former GOP Senator Rick Santorum, who was helpfully and concurrently suggesting that black families could learn from the Obama’s date night out in New York. How to eat with utensils, one gathers. Class never tells, contrary to cliché (because it is class), but stupidity buys radio time.

While Obama was winging his way towards the Middle East, engaged in what is both a long overdue engagement with the Islam street and a highly dangerous one, a doctor who performed abortion in Kansas was murdered in church by the type you don’t have to spend a lot of time visualizing. An unaccomplished, balding, wanna be religious hero of the sort that planted bombs at the Atlanta Olympics and supports Fred Phelps, Operation Rescue, and found an easy role that made him feel like somebody. In another era, he could have been a Weatherman or KKK member, the choice dictated not by politics whatsoever, but by which allowed him to feel more a man. In the past, he’d have worn a uniform and had secret salutes. Today, they just wear the icon of the Christian cross.

Abortion was and should always have been a tangent issue to the important one, which was the freedom of women to be sexually experienced and, maybe, not monogamous. That is the last thing the majority of balding, increasingly obese, unaccomplished, uninteresting American men want: they want the subject closed at the wedding, and no further comparison shopping to be done. People who don’t believe in a societal as well as personal benefit to testing the waters - if not actually chumming the waters - don’t want to end up failing to compete with an unending parade of younger, better, more successful men. The wedding, to them, is a victory feast. While there is much truth to this, its purity isn’t uncontested, but it describes a sizeable percentage of American men, and 100% of the male anti-abortion fanatics. They don’t have to admit to any of it, they can dwell upon how they’re saving the unborn and therefore, are heroes of the first water.

Those whom we call Islamic extremists, terrorists, and murderers can be safely herded into the same category of male. The point is, the right wing religious thugs in both the Muslim world and the American utilize the same demographic in their society: sexually frustrated, sexually ignorant, misogynistic males acting out. Like the Assassins of old, or the KKK bombers of not so olden day, murder in the church, temple, or mosque is just good product placement.

Few people dwell of this: the similarity between what is the emerging Islam Reformation, and the collapsing male patriarchy of the inept, incompetent, uninformed Christian/WASP patriarchy here. It’s a cliché that the most rabid enthusiasts of Biblical literalism cannot read the Bible at all, only its censored translation into English by unknowns. Still, most translations, perhaps all, say in Genesis that Adam became a living soul only after he took the breath of life, which in context means when the soul is born with the first breath, corresponding to the existing Egyptian and Sumerian concepts of the era. It is only the later and far less plausible tales that fetuses were able to converse from the womb, and this primarily to justify their deity or unique standing before God. But the first human became a living soul only after he took the breath of life.

It’s really a shame that Obama cannot actually speak the truth in his Cairo speech to the punks and ignorant mullahs, the vast and yearning Muslim female demographic, the possible emerging rationalism: yeah, fine, hate Israel, yada yada, but if we have to look forward to another few centuries as awful as the last 15, we want to have alternatives. Speaking to the Islamic guys and gals in the street is considered a bold move by an American president, but few note that Arab leaders don’t even do this. It’s a safe bet that the YouTube of the event will be downloaded in even the most repressive areas under the minarets, and that that for a while there will be only one word on the Muslim Street, and it will be Obama’s, and we’ll see who Twitters it up around the world.