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Obama: Bane of the Uppity House Fly!

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This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, June 17, 2009.

The Gods of Health have passed me by the last few weeks. As a result, I've been in an adjacent reality to most of you. You may notice.

We have had the first Twittered Revolution! and the first something or other to do with the Blogosphere and all this is terribly exciting for both the MSM and the self-important Bloggers themselves as people are killed in Iran, safely distant but meaningful. The President did not give a pointless incendiary speech, he did not think it likely American government had a constructive role to play at present, and wanted not to provide an illustrative Great Satan for internal Iranian use. Far from quivering with agitation in hope he might have opportunity to say something melodramatic, President Obama calmly killed a fly on camera while being interviewed, illustrating focus and calm and putting first things first. Its nice having an adult as President again.

American conservatives, like that creepy, blond Minuteman harridan caught murdering people along our border for drug money so she could finance violent revolution against the United States, generally don't get upset over dark people killing each other somewhere, unless one side are announced Christians, and then all national security must be made available. What's happening in Iran offers none of their standard templates to apply, which prompted Ari Fleicher, former and current Bush flack, to claim George Bush should be given credit for what was happening in Iran, whatever it was, and the world should await developments as to whether it was because of his Axis of Evil speech, uniting North Korea, Iran, and Iraq back in the day. Something. Every once in a while, you get the feeling there's a hope this is a rebellion against that Evil, and for Democracy, and it will be a neo-con wet dream. John McCain's response yesterday was as ill informed and stupid as could be, full of standing tall rhetoric and sending messages.

The reality is, the protests are very Muslim, using the terminology from the 1979 revolution, and both sides appeal to the Shia clerisy for support.

The Left hasn't been much better informed, nor their templates much more pliable, but it is hugely connected into the Iranian bloggers system and knew who the go-to authorities were. Frankly, Talking Points Memo and The Washington Note are two sites that have been excellent sources of credible and restrained information above many others kept well in context for American readers.

The biodegrading MSM has its digits inserted in various openings of itself, and it often seems it has few correspondents at all and their supposed experts are of much lower category than the Blogs offer. You could have watched NBC, as I do, from beginning to end since the Iranian election and have been totally 24 hours behind and immersed in dubious detail.

While Iran seethed, North Korea has become a self-parody, jumping up and down, threatening this and that, and even China and Russia are perturbed, it seems. Yet the posturing frat boy of ours who'd normally say something stupid and manly is gone, and the world hears only of Obamas focus and concern. The guys no fun. But in hot weather and with so much flammable issue blowing across the table, the sense is the world is in the hands, mostly, of competent adults.

As Boulders skies reappear, and seem absent of tornadoes, and an actual summer seems underway, the strange weather patterns and discombobulating events of the last few weeks are quickly fading after only four hours of sunshine, with more on the way. No major disasters. No actual disasters at all, or at least the potential hysteria has been tamped down.

We don't really know what's happening in Iran, or why. Somehow, it is immeasurably reassuring to have a President constructively killing flies that actually needed killin rather than looking for a historic moment to pander to a political base.