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Sanford and Churchill and Franken

Ah, yes, reasons anew to love this nation

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, July 01, 2009.

It is a strange world, strange and amusing. Our SC Governor from last week, Mark Sanford, had a Argentine mistress, has already lied about the number of assignations and who paid for them, compared himself to King David – which did not work on so many levels – and this week has graciously allowed that he’s trying to fall in love with his wife again. His wife, while willing to try and work things out, must have been swept off her feet by that. He’s trying. What more can a man do?

According to religious women with newspaper columns, like Peggy Noonan, not much. Because Sanford salivates over the woman he’s leaving for the third time and is yet devoted to his family, if not in love with it as wedding oaths at one time demanded, he’s just a lost lamb. Yet another tale I’ll recall with glee as an atheist.

That atheism was given a jolt yesterday, but it held. A local doctor made a series of logical decisions about my continuing illness. Early yesterday, it was a heart in free fall unable to do its work. That got and held the imagination, but by afternoon it was just pneumonia and barely exciting at all. Disgusting, but not exciting.

In Boulder, Ward Churchill’s saga will end, probably by the end of the day. The judge is hearing arguments, and might well enter his verdict either before this is broadcast or just after.

I don’t see how Churchill can be rehired. CU looks godawful no matter how you slice it, from his hire, from the reasons for his hire, to his printed product, which is often just silly. As then Regent Cindy Carlisle voted not to fire him in the past, and said he should have been bought out long ago to spare everything that has happened since he sued the University and won, her worst case scenario has played out to the letter. CU’s law team continues to be strange, passing strange.

It is worth it – and finally- to know that when Bill O’Reilly goes off upon Al Franken in the future, he’ll have to use a Senator before Franken’s name, something that may make him choke to death.

So, enjoy the Fourth and all the days ahead – I will – and forgive an abbreviated offering today. Next week, should be back to the blather at full steam.