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Our Enemies are Nothing....but our Friends!

Obama Channels Jaures

This is Dark Cloud on Wednesday, September 02, 2009.

“Our enemies are nothing, but our friends!” So moaned the exasperated Jean Jaures, the great French socialist during the Dreyfus Affair. His annoyance came from the loud mouths, the idiots, the fair weather support, and the merely venal plantlife that just enjoyed seeing their social betters brought to pain and embarrassment, and wanted the case to be about proletariats and class struggle along with the settling of personal scores. All of that added years to the time and suffering Dreyfuss spent on Devil’s Island. Those issues were not the point of the affair, which was a simple case of a criminally framed man. President Obama may know the feeling, because the so-called Progressives in the Democratic Party are fevered. Today, Obama may feel like Jaures. Let us hope he doesn’t soon identify with Dreyfuss.

The gloss is off Obama, predictably and on the same time line as most presidents newly elected. The so-called Progressive elements in the Democratic Party are writing suicide notes and coiling rope by attic rafters, much as the venal political right is addressing invitations to a lynching and coiling rope by any nearby deciduous tree of sufficient height to the need. Both tribes are idiots of the first water, and although my heart and overall brilliance adheres to the Left in general, their stupidity in the exercise of their vanities and ignorance cannot go unremarked.

Our Progressives are upset that Obama hasn’t put the rights of gays to get married or openly serve in the Armed Forces a top legislative item, or made the health bill contingent upon a public option, or ended all war in Asia. They want him to be William Travis, drawing lines in the sand and demanding victory or death. Now, I want a public option in the health bill, but it’s more important that momentum be established, a bill passed, and the fight continued. Obama understands momentum and how difficult it is to bring a not well-educated public to the trough and make them drink that which they need. He knows how saying the public is stupid is not the ticket to their cooperation in passing legislation to their own good. The laughable progressives? Not so aware, no. But the times do not call for revolution so much as competent bureaucrats and politicians. Adults.

Obama is also aware of the role of racism in debates that aren’t about race at all, like health care. He knows the Republicans just want to beat him at something, anything, and that they’ll stoke racial fears among the old South, the old North, and new neo-cons. They fear more, though, that Obama will act on his realization that while class warfare makes for bad and counterproductive violent revolutions, it makes a good political tool, because he – like history – knows that racism itself is just a tool of the right to prevent the people from uniting beneath against the institutional classes of inherited wealth.

The conservatives want the practice of medicine to be, primarily, a social class devoted to themselves, and the lesser classes to be the experimental units for their benefit. They fear most sharing a hospital ward with their social inferiors. Health, like wealth, is supposed to be a sign of superior genes and virtues. Wealth was severed from virtue by Social Security, which conservatives continue to try and reconnect through religion, through mandate. And, the world is increasingly disdainful of ostentation, and thereby disallowing the actual rich and those who want to be mistaken for the rich the public emblems of their supposed superiority: the gas guzzler sports car, the McMansion, the expensive Rolex. You hardly need a wristwatch any more; it’s just effeminate male jewelry. Even the divorce and Trophy wife is hardly worth it if people laugh at you. And besides, cheaper medicine means that just anyone can have the cosmetic surgery to look younger and anyone can afford Viagra. What’s the point of being rich if everyone can be just as happy and healthy as you are?

Pressing questions, but the Homogenized, Henna-Haired, Liver Spotted Globs of Unrisen Dough with the faint Southern accents who claim to fear socialism from their perch in the Senate are not the real danger to the health bill everyone claims to want and which we most assuredly need, the alternatives being unaffordable. The danger comes from the idiot left, who both fears the responsibilities of ruling and the compromises that are the lot of politics, and may prevent any health bill from passing today with improvements tomorrow.

Obama’s enemies – the Bachmanns and Palins – are nothing. It’s his friends.